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I lost it. Where did it go? In the beginning of summer, I was able to WALK to Mass. It wasn’t exactly easy, painful knees were a problem but I was able to do it. Now walking a block is exhausting. Knees don’t hurt, but my right hamstring objects. Exercises that were easy are now either challenging or impossible.

I hurt my right hamstring at the beginning of July. The injury caused me to remain butt down and feet up for almost a month. We were in the country so I did minimal walking with Robin in the morning. I tried to continue with water exercise but I soon learned that I was doing more harm to my body than helping it.

I didn’t drive our car for over a month. When I did, I learned that using the automatic control hurt my body. I was able to drive manually, exercising my right leg. I was afraid to ride the scooter, afraid I would do more damage to my legs.

FIGHTING BACK — not at all happy with my limited ability. I started to drink a cup of bone broth every day, hoping it helps my various body parts. I have returned to doing Tai Chi EVERY DAY! I have also added 15 minutes of yoga along with the arm exercises I used to do.

I’m looking for improvement — ANYWHERE. The pain in my knees has diminished. My hamstring continues to be a challenge. Some days it behaves, others — the smallest step will cause pain. One of my daily exercises is for the hamstring.

Many of the exercises that were easy for me are no longer possible. If I get down on the floor, getting back up onto my feet is a challenge. Getting out of a chair or off the couch has also been a challenge. Recently I was able to rise from the couch unaided — improvement!

I’m being reminded that I need to improve my strength and my muscles. I have some DVD’s that are designed to help muscles. So far I haven’t been brave enough to try them.

In the city I have more stairs to climb. I’ll admit that I climb up and down the stairs more slowly. I also use the banisters or other handholds going into the basement. I don’t know if I NEED to use aids or the memory of falls makes me more cautious. In order to remain in our house I HAVE to be ABLE to do the stairs.

Step by step, day by day — I’m working to become more flexible.


Its not FAIR! I’ve never been tall but I was able to reach stuff on the shelves. Okay! I’ll admit that my youngest daughter was taller than me and when she rearrange the dishes and other stuff I couldn’t reach them. But for the most part, I was able to reach the stuff in my cabinets. Then I noticed that I had to stand on my toes to reach some stuff. Then I noticed that I was afraid I would drop stuff I was putting away. Then I decided that for the safety of various cups and glasses, I had to rearrange the shelves.

I realized I was using the step I purchased for my grandchildren more often. I also realized that it wasn’t tall enough. Or had I shrunk again? My grandson who is twelve is taller than me. His sister will soon be. To make life even more interesting, my husband had shoes on — I was barefoot. I only came up to his chin! He is older, but he doesn’t seem to be shrinking.

I have a wider two step stool that I’m using more often. I hate to admit it, but I’m also using a 2 step ladder to reach the top shelves. I hate to admit it — but it doesn’t seem to be tall enough. Of course it doesn’t help that I have lost my flexibility. If I’m on the floor — sitting is better for my knees, getting up is a challenge. I try not to meet the floor on that level.

Shopping has also become a challenge. First off — I don’t have the strength that I had. Injuries and weight have caused some of that. Also laziness has played a factor. I’ll admit that I have time to exercise. I just don’t do it. Yoga is supposed to help with height. Somehow I don’t think my height will stretch out if I resume yoga. I have been doing Tai Chi on a regular basis. Some of it is muscle memory, some of it is distracted thinking.

I’ve become better at asking for help when I can’t reach a product on the shelf. I’ve become better at searching for tall people who can reach what I can’t. I’ve become better of asking for help when a product — 40 bottles of water is too heavy for me to safely move.

I might vow that I will begin again to do Jane Fonda’s strength training. And I might, it just hasn’t happened yet. I might also begin another exercising program. The pain in my shoulder seems to have diminished, as has the pain in my back. Am I scared to do any of the exercises that caused the pain in the beginning. Good question — no answer.

I’m looking forward to summer — the camper and exercising in the water. I’m also looking forward to losing a few pounds. I’ve tried most of the year so far without success. The only thing I can say in my defense is that I’m maintaining my weight. NOT GAINING. Hopefully I will stop SHRINKING!


Where, oh where has the time gone? Just yesterday I had energy, was able to do the Sun Salutation in Yoga — my various body parts worked. Today, my knees prefer that I don’t kneel, getting down on the floor is interesting, getting up can sometimes be a challenge.

I’m facing another birthday. Each Fall I reflect on my life, the journey I have taken and the road ahead. Often the change of seasons and reflection on lost opportunities bring sadness. I try not to dwell on the mistakes, but focus on the accomplishments instead. I will admit that depending on the day, sometimes it is harder to do.

Since I have “friends in high places” I’m often reminded of the accomplishments of people much older than myself. Yesterday, a man of 101 was honored on television — his mind is strong, he just renewed his driver’s license. In my travels, I have heard other stories of men and woman over a hundred who are still living a quality life. It seems that new stories are popping up on a VERY, REGULAR basis. I’m trying to pay attention. I don’t know how long I will remain here on earth, but as long as I’m here, I would rather have a high quality life like the centurions. Some things are out of my control, but some things are still possible to improve on.

I admire Angela Lansbury as an actress. Recently I learned that she has written a book titled Positive Moves and has an exercise VCR available of the same name. Thanks to the internet, both are now in my possession. In fact, they were on our doorstep when we arrived home from our last camping trip. I have NEVER been a professionally trained dancer but I was able to do most of her exercises. Some easy stretches I have incorporated into my daily routine.

I’m often reminded that in order to live a healthy life I NEED TO LOSE WEIGHT AND EXERCISE. All I can say is that I’m trying. One of my recurring messages is to meditate — to listen. I try, and I will continue to try — someday I might even hear. Until that time, I’m confidant that the important messages will get through.


Why is it that when things are running smoothly — pebbles, rocks or boulders spring up in our path? I was feeling fine, okay maybe a little tired. We had returned from Florida — I dealt with the mounds of clothes, stacks of mail and empty refrigerator. I had gone through the mail, unpacked and washed clothes, replenished supplies. Taking advantage of a weekend at home — blue skies and warm temperatures — I had wandered the garden where the world had gathered. It was so crowded, I asked if parking was still available. And happily learned it was. When I asked why the excitement, I learned a kite festival was in progress. Still trying to use time at home well, I scheduled a date with a friend.

ROADBLOCK — hopefully only a pebble — okay a larger stone. Preparing to meet my friend, I got up from our dining room chair. I don’t remember doing anything different. I don’t remember banging my foot, twisting my leg or doing anything stupid. PAIN — radiated — ankle, knee and hip. “What the —-?” If I was smart, I would have cancelled the date. But I didn’t listen to my body — two pain pills and out the door I went. Sadly pain increased then lessened then increased like waves in the ocean. Pain pills all day. Severity of the pain had my attention. Question — Doctor visit?

Shopping I listened to my body and found an AM /PM yoga DVD that I enjoyed with my daughter in Florida. I bought a yoga mat for my husband so he could join me.

Stopping for lunch, only one empty table that I reserved for my friend and I. A gentleman in an orange vest was headed for the same table. I invited him to share ours. We talked about the state of the world and shared some of our wisdom of preparing for retirement. When he mentioned that he depended on help from above I asked him why he was at the right place, the right time to share a table with us. I suggested he think about it. I wonder what he shared with his wife that night. Lunch with two, older, crazy ladies?

Still shopping, TWO — TWO strong, younger men passed by to help me load a carton of heavy cans of soda into my cart, and later — place them into my trunk for me. Normally I would have done that myself. At that point in time — just walking was a challenge.

I paid attention to my body. I enjoyed soaks in our old fashioned bath tub — in Epson salt water, something I had postponed — afraid I wouldn’t be able to get out. I did gentle stretching, I did yoga. I accompanied my husband to the Ford dealer for a recall. Their inspection revealed a couple of items that needed to be fixed for safety. We asked our mechanic to make the necessary repairs. The cost might influence a trip in the motor home that we had planned, but we didn’t get stranded on the highway. Plans for a hundred plus trip was in the works. My husband was planning to go to the camper over the weekend but changed his mind when I told him that I wasn’t sure I would be able to drive all the way out myself.

THANKFULLY — the pain has lessened, although, a week later I’m still feeling the effects. We are at the camper. I have access to a pool. I went swimming last night, I did yoga this morning.



I wish I could write that I have lost weight, that I have reached my goal — pipe dreams again. My metabolism is asleep — days, weeks and months of butt down, feet up must have put it in a deep slumber. I would be happy if I lost a couple pounds — I would know that I was heading in the right direction. Road blocks must be up, and so is my weight. Too much sodium always adds a couple of pounds. In a way, its not a bad thing. When we are traveling, I won’t have control over sodium like I do at home. I guess it is best to be prepared, even the food I prepare at home is not as low in sodium as I expect. Sometimes the sodium count is missing or the label has the wrong information. Too much sodium and my feet swell, I just need to be able to walk.

Speaking about walking — I won’t say exactly that my energy has returned but I have been able to walk distances again. Although the inclines at the Botanic Gardens have my thighs talking, I’m not giving up. There are not many hills in our neighborhood and I really don’t like walking on the treadmill. I climb stairs at home but it is not the same.

EXERCISE — I’m listening! Articles have appeared in magazines and the newspaper reminding me of the value of Tai Chi. Years ago I took a class and I still remember part of the routine, adjusted each time I go through it. I put it on the back shelf but I have revived it again. Yoga — another thing that I have been reminded of in many different ways. I even found my copy of the book A MORNING CUP OF YOGA which slipped off its shelf onto the floor, hiding against the wall. The book reminded me of various exercises that my body needs, that I don’t do. Both exercises can easily go with me on my trip. Years ago, I greeted the morning doing Tai Chi on the shores of Kauai.

Just how many purses do I need to take with me?  After I bought ANOTHER, lighter purse that wouldn’t clash with my clothes, I was reminded of a bag I bought last fall. It wasn’t where I remembered putting it. Memory — what an interesting concept. After another search, I found it hiding in a bag with many more purses in my closet. At least ONE of those has to come with me. Decisions, decisions!

Packing will be interesting. I have tried on various items of clothing that I thought would make the trip and decided to leave them home. I’m sure I have enough to wear, and if not — there is the International Market where a merchant told me: ” Momma, I’ve got a deal for you!”

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