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I don’t know if I will ever regain my flexibility. I don’t know if I will ever be able to get down onto the floor and easily get back up. I don’t know if I my knees will work like they did when I was young. A couple of years ago I DID NOT feel my age or even really remember it. Sadly the restrictions that I’m experiencing because of my aching body parts remind me that the years have flown by. I have discovered that water exercise is VERY GOOD for me. Our campground has it every weekday morning. If we are at the camper and the day is dry, temperature 70 or above, I’ll be in the pool.

The person who volunteers to lead the exercise has a GREAT routine that helps many of my body’s issues. Weights are available but I have learned that it is better for my shoulder to just use my body weight instead. I have also learned what leg exercises to do and which ones hurt rather than help.

Sounds positive right? Our instructor had to miss a session and arranged for a certified instructor to teach the class. She does water Zumba also. Her warm up exercises where high energy. I should have been paying attention. I WASN’T. I thought moving quickly the width of the pool would be okay. I WAS WRONG. It didn’t take much time before I had a pain in my knee. “You can do this”, I told myself. It wasn’t too much longer when I realized I could not keep up with her. I also wasn’t able to do the gentle exercises my body was used to. I hadn’t acknowledged my limitations. I left half way through the session. By then I realized that not only did I hurt my knee but the pain traveled down to my ankle. I’M NOT THIRTY ANYMORE, OR EVEN SIXTY. It has taken more than two weeks to get my body parts back into the shape they were before. Soon we are leaving for the city. We will be back but will there still be water exercise? I KNOW I’M NOT DOING ZUMBA.

Recently a man came in to the exercise hour. He did not WANT TO EXERCISE,. He wanted to swim — first in the deep by the diving board, then in the deeper water. Before we knew it, he was swimming in the shallower part of the pool, underwater near me. I told him if he wanted to swim, he needed to go into the deep. His actions brought back a memory. Last year a man swam underwater near me, catching my leg and almost removing it. I’m still dealing with the effects of that accident. That probably explains why I don’t go to the open swim. That also explains why I’m having more trouble with the knee — water exercise is helping make it better.


I was washing dishes. We don’t have a dishwasher out here. Our television was off, only camper noise and birds singing accompanied me — which was why I was able to hear the running water. I had both sinks full of water, I did not have water running. But I heard a steady stream. Looking under the sink, I saw the source; at least I saw where I thought it was coming from. First things first — I got a flashlight and called my husband. He located the source of the stream – it wasn’t were I thought it was. It was already late, the stores were closed. Repairs would have to wait until the next day.

Cleaning up the water on the floor under the sink, I couldn’t reach the back wall. I decided to go outside, open the door to the water heater and mop up the floor from there. I was able to reach the far sides of the floor. I was able to remove the installation that four footed creatures had removed to make a bed. (I’m not sure where they got the pink stuff.) After mopping the floor, I noticed we had another problem. The water heater was leaking too.

My husband saw the part that had cracked. He thought it would be easy to replace and it would have been, if the part hadn’t been discontinued. We purchased the material to fix the leak in the sink at the store in the campground but he needed a new tool to do the job. The tool he needed was on back order. Everybody must have needed the same tool. We went to town where two hardware stores were also out of the tool. The clerk at the lumber yard phoned a couple places he thought might have the discontinued part, saving us a trip. Nobody had the broken part for the water heater.

Returning to the camper, I was able to contact the person who does the repairs on our trailer — he had the discontinued part but he didn’t have the tool my husband needed. (He wasn’t available when I phoned in the morning.) We borrowed a wrench but it didn’t do the job. One problem fixed another to go. Sadly the second problem was harder to solve. A trip to a different town turned up the needed tool and a tool to run the wire for the old car to the trunk. My husband was able to fix the sink leak but all the time reaching under the sink in tight quarters caused problems with his back or hip. A week later it is still hurting.

Our friend stopped by to pick up his wrench — we showed him where the water had damaged the wood on the side of the trailer by the water heater. It had rained during the night, he noticed a place where water was leaking in from outside. A bit of silicone and that leak was fixed too.

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