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I don’t know what happened. I used to be able to easily turn my neck from side to side. I don’t know when my neck stiffened. Now it hurts to turn my neck. It is not easy to see to my side, lets not even discuss seeing behind me.

In July, I hurt the hamstring on my right leg — my driving leg. I DID NOT DRIVE for almost a month. It hurt to walk, so for over a month I didn’t do much of anything. At first, I tried to continue with the exercise in water. I soon learned that was not to my benefit. In water, not thinking, I made matters worse. My knees don’t like cold water either.

Trying to loosen my neck muscles, I’m wearing a magnetic necklace. Hopefully it will help. I only wear it during the day, taking it off at night. It is too early to tell if it is working. I’m not seeing any progress with neck exercises either.

Working on various body parts — knees, neck — I’m trying to do Tai Chi daily and 15 minutes of yoga. I’m enjoying a cup of chicken bone broth. It has glycine, an amino acid that helps form collagen, improves sleep quality, and relax blood vessels. I found one that is low in sodium.

My watch had been giving me problems. I use it to track the number of steps I get, and how long I slept. The day before I had charged my watch. On a shopping trip, I left Wal-Mart, looked at my watch and saw a blank screen. I turned around, returned to Wal-Mart and almost bought an apple watch until the clerk told me I had to have an apple phone. I have an old flip phone. I bought a Fitbit Vegas instead. Although I don’t have a smart phone, so far I’m really happy with my new watch. It reminds me to get up and move, and has an app that can be used to relax — 2 minute breathing exercise. More apps are available but I would need a smart phone to use them. My watch thinks I should run but I think my running days are over. It has an app to coach with exercises but I haven’t investigated it yet. At home we have the internet. I might be able to connect to it without a smart phone. At the camper, we do not have internet service. I’ve decided to wait until we close the camper for the year before I investigate more of the apps.

Evidently I’m receiving “help” and nudges to exercise. An Olde English Faire is scheduled in a couple of weeks. Weather permitting, walking stick in hand — I WANT TO GO!

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