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The landscape at Woodhaven Lakes has changed because of the damage caused by the tornadoes. What once were shady tree lined streets are now sunny. A few trees have survived, mangled branches providing some shade. We have lost more than nine trees on our lot alone. It was possible to spend time on our deck in the morning enjoying a cup of coffee. Now, by eight o’clock in the morning, the summer sun makes it very hard to sit outside. We have a clear view of the street and the park across the way, no trees block our view.

When we contracted to have some of the tree stumps removed, I noticed that the apple tree our friend Muscles planted is sending up new shoots. We kept the stump — hopefully a new tree will soon be growing. I noticed the crab apple tree in the back yard is also sending up new shoots. Acorns are already falling from our lone oak tree. I have found a few new oak trees sprouting in my flower garden. Decisions, decisions — should we pull them out or try to transplant them to a better location. We have ordered three new trees to be planted this Fall — a maple, a huckleberry and a red bud. Spring color as well as Fall will be different, oak leaves turn a golden brown.

While we were at the nursery, we learned that plans have already been made to plant some new seedlings. In the Fall, I always enjoyed a sunset maple tree on a corner lot. They lost not only the maple, but three evergreens too. Four new trees have already been planted. In a year or two, I’ll be able to watch their maple change colors. We are going to get our own maple, it’s leaves will change to red in the Fall.

Going for a walk on the nature trail, I spotted a tiny new evergreen and a small green leafed sprout that someone had planted. They have black circles on the ground to help conserve moisture.

The playground across the street only has a set of swings that survived. The slide and climbing bars have been mangled and roped off but children still stop by to swing. The tree stumps have been removed, the ground is safer, but less places to hide when playing hide and seek.

My serenity garden has been mangled by fallen trees and equipment. I was very surprised when I noticed the rose bush had a few flowers and more buds. The hostas that were stubs have regrown, ready to be eaten by the deer. I will admit that I have added many new plants, some that are tolerant of the sun. It will take a few years but the new growth has begun.


I hate to admit it but I’m STUCK! It is not a pleasant place to be in. I really don’t know the reason for this feeling — but I’m guessing its a combination of things. First my weight — which is up — stress, depression, the winter, the summer(?). This has been an interesting summer — cooler temperatures, less sunshine, and FALL seems to be arriving earlier. Trees are already losing their leaves — I guess they don’t like the weather either.

I love the Fall but I tend to get depressed. My birthday is in October — I’m a year older and I do a life review — What have I accomplished, etc. This year I’m feeling my age or more than my age. If I’m successful in losing some of the extra weight, I might feel younger. It would be lovely. Normally I don’t feel my age — 10 or 100, varies from day to day. Messages keep coming through that my life expectancy is long. In order to age gracefully, I need to be able to have a good quality of life.

Some how I need to break out of the mud — start a food plan to lose weight, exercise regularly. Etc. It doesn’t matter how often I tell myself these things. I resolve to start tomorrow. But someone said that tomorrow never comes. I planned to start today! But someone laughed and my plans changed.

We planned to be in the country last weekend. Plans changed, rain was predicted. We decided to stay in the city. I was able to go to the Mind, Body, Spirit Expo which I totally enjoyed. Finances are low right now so although I visited the vendors and the readers, I exchanged ideas and saved my money.

A new deck of cards revolving around trees has been created. I chose one, but didn’t write down the message. The face of the deck are trees: rendered in shades of lavender. I like trees. I was very upset when we lost our elm. It had sheltered our house for many years. It escaped the Dutch elm disease but was attacked by the Asian beetle. We kept the tree company as the city cut it down. We learned that it had the largest circumference of any elm tree in the city. We missed the tree and the shade it provided. When the city offered to replace it, we chose a locust tree — because it was fast growing.

Many years ago a Native American Indian counseled to hug a tree and I must admit that I have, many times. So when I had the opportunity to attend a lecture on the sprites that live in trees I did. The presenter has developed a technique to capture the image on film and has written several books on the subject. She passed around a box of rocks and told us to pick one. I close my eyes when given this opportunity and was amazed when I chose a quartz crystal. At the end of the presentation, we were told the best way to ask the spirits to appear and learned the power the rock we chose had. I discovered I had the king of the crystals and it has the power to communicate with all of the sprites.

To end the day, I attended the workshop of the designer of the Soul Trees. She encouraged each member of the audience to choose a card — the words on my card is Inner Power. As a wife, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother plus author and painter, I’m sure that I have an Inner Power. I looked through her deck for the card I picked the day before without any success. At the end of the presentation, there was a meditation, with questions. I have trouble meditating — my mind is too active. But I closed my eyes and was given a gift. I “saw” a rock shelf, similar to a waterfall, in lavender with streams of silver, or white on the rocks. (??) Does that mean the blocks are lifting? I won’t mind.

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