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Our youngest daughter invited her parents (US) to accompany them to an island offshore. We needed passports – luckily we had them, still good for two more years. The weather on the island is summer, the weather at home is winter. It will still be cool to cold when we return. All of our summer clothes are stored away for the cold months. While it is tempting to switch the clothes, we will need cold weather clothes when we return.

Planning is the fun part of the trip. Looking for clothes is NOT! Question: Will they fit? I wish I could say that my weight is down, sadly it is not. I’m going to try — very hard to keep the amount of clothes to a minimum. Spring clothes has appeared in the stores. Shopping anyone? And of course, I need to leave room in the suitcase for treasures found on the island.

Not only do I have to plan the clothing, I also need to plan for our diet needs. We have never visited before but I’m told they will have food my husband will enjoy eating. I don’t know what foods will be available that will fit our needs. My husband is diabetic, I buy a low sugar grape jelly for him. Will I be able to get it there? I’m sure I will pack a bottle of jelly as well as his sugar. I’m sodium restricted. What do I need to bring for me? I’m also sure I will bring an assortment of my herbal tea.

Talking about our trip at our exercise class, I have received some good information. I really don’t want to bring an extra five pounds of body weight back with me.

I called two of our credit cards to alert them to our travelling plans. I learned that one has an up charge of 3% on purchases. I learned that the other has no up charge. I think I know which one we will be using. My husband and I each carry a different card just in case one gets lost or compromised.

Planning, planning — flying — enjoying — flying — then quickly home. Planning extends the time for the trip. Just can’t go crazy.

I knew that I had planned to buy something from the store. I forgot to write it down. No surprise, I didn’t remember. I thought of stuff I might have needed. Even though I picked the stuff up, it didn’t feel that I had bought the missing item. Walking down the aisle, a mother asked her daughter to help her get tissue. I would say that a gong went off in my head but I would be exaggerating — BUT her statement reminded me that tissue was what I needed. “THANK YOU!”

I guess it is pretty evident that I haven’t traveled out of the US in a very long time. Still planning, I stopped at the beauty shop to get a haircut. The hairdresser mentioned the cost of phone calls offshore. I hadn’t thought of it. Later, calling the phone company I learned there is an up charge of $2.50 a minute. FOREWARNED. “THANK YOU!”


Recently I wrote how I think it is important to thank God, the Supreme being under whatever name you address Him or Her for the many blessings of life and help given. I also thank “my friends in high places” on a very regular basis.  This time I would like to thank you, the people who read my thought rambles. Some have written to let me know they were helpful and for this I am extremely grateful. Each and every day has its own challenges, I’m glad that I am NEVER ALONE. Many times I’m not aware that I’m not wandering solo. Then there is the rest of the time.

I would answer each comment personally except for two challenges. The first is that I haven’t figured out how to do it. The second, probably should be the first. This is the first time I have been on line since some time in September. I know that we are retired, supposedly we have a lot of free time. The reality of the situation is that we are not home that often and I HAVE NOT updated our cell phones, computers or other electrical means to be able to keep in constant connection. PLUS — I have “help” from my “friends in high places.” Recently, our youngest daughter gifted us with a vacation in the Wisconsin Dells. We left on a Wednesday. Thursday, I noticed I didn’t have my cell phone. Although my husband called the number repeatedly, we didn’t find it. I  couldn’t recall using the phone at all on Wednesday. I finally assumed I had left it at our Camper. Thankfully this proved to be correct. I found it right were I had left it before leaving for the trip. I guess it wasn’t supposed to go.

I will do a thought ramble on our fall vacation. Hopefully before we take off again which will be this week.

Just one thought before I close and cook supper.  Before we left for our trip, I was at Save a Lot, a grocery store in the town near our camper. I watched in amazement as a man chose a ham, and a chicken and a number of pizza’s and added it to his overflowing cart. At the check out line he graciously allowed me to go ahead of him. By now, you are probably aware of the fact that I talk to whoever is around.

I mentioned that he was probably buying food for a month to the person behind me. WRONG! It was one weeks supply. I have no idea the total of his bill. One comment led to another. I learned that he was feeding four children and two adults. Then I learned that two children were not his and often spent the night. He didn’t know what they would eat or if they would eat at all if he didn’t feed them. I had to acknowledge that he was a positive influence in theses children’s lives.  Because of his care, they had safe shelter and might make it through childhood.  RIGHT PLACE, RIGHT TIME!. I think so. Everyone needs a pat on the back

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