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Starting the day, no coffee or tea yet — I turned on the television to get the weather report. A traffic alert was being broadcast — a main street near our house was closed because of a fire, recommendations were being given to avoid the closure. Normally that wouldn’t affect me at all except I was planning to go out. In fact, I had overslept and needed to leave within the hour. I was hoping the weather report would give me information that I needed. The traffic alert definitely did.

It was the second time since January that I have taken our car out by myself. The cold, ice and snow have clipped my wings. The forecast for the day promised spring like temperatures and I was taking advantage of the sunshine — meeting a friend before the next storm arrived. I headed for one of the alternative streets and quickly learned that wasn’t a good idea. A gas station on the corner allowed me to turn the car around. I tried another recommended street with the same results. No gas station but a side street allowed me to make my escape. I didn’t want to waste the day stuck in traffic.

Everybody must have had the same idea. Traffic was heavier than normal. My third alternative provided a safe route and moving traffic. The parking lot at the restaurant where we eat breakfast was full, snow and ice restricted parking places. I finally found a safe place to park on the street.

Often — my day will follow the pattern that starts it. This day followed that course. Many challenges — none insurmountable. I wished that I had made a shopping list, trusting to my memory was always interesting. Luckily I have “friends in high places” that like to “help” me. At the stores, I wandered down aisles that contained items that I needed. I remembered to buy a pair of shoes for my husband and a flashlight. Checking out at the register, I had spent more than I planned. Looking at the receipt I noticed the flashlight was more than the shelf sticker advertised. The return line was long but I didn’t want to keep the flashlight. It might never get back to the store.

I finally was getting close to the counter when BOTH of the people ahead of me had issues that were not resolved quickly. In both cases a supervisor needed to be called, merchandise brought from the back of the store, conferences held and I wondered if I REALLY wanted to return the item.

It was FINALLY my turn. And five minutes later we were on the way to my car.

I won’t bore you with the rest of my day. Just a couple of highlights. When I order French fries without salt, I received a larger size for the long wait. I found pot roast on sale. The price had been too high for me to comfortably purchase some.

Arriving back home, I hadn’t had time in the morning for all of my morning prayers. I opened my Queen Of Angel book and read “accept my protection.” My response –THANK YOU, I did!

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