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I would give up if I wasn’t so stubborn. That is something else I got from the Swedish side. My father received a statue when he was young of a boy pulling a goat. It is one of my prized possessions. Who was more stubborn — the boy or the goat? I don’t know but his daughter comes in close.

I exercise, I walk, I watch what I eat, I write down what I eat and the scale stays STUCK! Recently I pulled out and tried on my bathing suits. Eventually summer is coming. When it does — all of the bathing suits in the stores that I would be able to wear will be gone. I HATE TO TRY ON NEW SUITS! But I love to go in the pool weather permitting. When I had the ulcer on my leg I couldn’t go in the water for over five years. Thankfully, with the help of my sexy socks, my legs are healed. SUMMER — SWIMMING — let the hunt for a suit begin.

I had a 20% off coupon from a store. Their clothes are more expensive but well made. I have purchased swim suits from them before. The coupon was ending that day so I went and I looked at the prices and I looked at the selection and I pulled a few suits to try on — one a two piece.

The two piece didn’t fit right — it would be perfect for sun bathing but I don’t sun bath — I swim or pretend to. I have to admit that my swimming is laughable but I can make it across the pool — I stay were my feet can touch the bottom. Then I remembered that the two piece bubbled up in the hot tub, I love the hot tub if one is available.

I still had three suits to try on. Of course, the one I liked the best was almost $100. I don’t like to spend that much money for a suit. I put them all back and wandered the store but I came back and picked up the best one. When I approached the clerk I told her that I wasn’t sure I was buying it — but she said it was on sale and I had my coupon. I now have a new suit that fits me NOW, that I can swim in. Maybe, with any luck, by the time summer comes, it will fit me better!

I decided to have smoothies for breakfast. Continue on or amp up my exercise. My back still hurts when I’m standing too long. The doctor told me the pain is from a muscle — not my sciatic nerve. It is not my spine nor my hip, if it is a muscle — if I can get rid of some of my belly, maybe I can get rid of the pain.

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