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I have the habit of using two daily calendars too try to keep track of my life. Not that it is extremely busy or very active. First I don’t have a paying job — no timetable to go to work or come home. Second, our life is not that active. We don’t belong to clubs or organizations which require time commitment. Until my husband’s health required more appointments with the doctors, there was really no reason to have a calendar. Let alone two. Of course, I noted special dates for our children and grandchildren — vacations, school performances, etc.

One calendar — My Inner Reflections is from the Self Realization Fellowship — Lovely photos, Inspirational writings by Paramahansa Yogananda. I discovered the calendar years ago at a bookstore that is no longer in business. I write my daily activities, important events.

The second calendar changes over time. A few years ago, I noted the food I consumed on a daily basis, hoping to help my weight. I have expanded the calendar to make it more useful. Now I use the monthly dates to note Dr. Appointments, scheduled events, blog titles, etc. I have been a team player for many years — single will be an adjustment.

My husband was sick in September and October — the months I normally remember to acquire new calendars. I bought my nutritional calendar at the end of October before his health took a turn for the worse. I didn’t pay too much attention to it — I wanted a monthly page and individual dates with enough space to write down my food log. Since it is a calendar that I use daily, I paid attention to where I put it. When I started using it in January, I was happy to learn that each week has an inspirational quote and a place to note things you are grateful for.

I ordered my Inspirational calendar later — in November. When it arrived I stuck it somewhere for safe keeping. It was so safe I COULDN’T FIND IT. New Years Eve it was still hidden. I don’t know why I pulled it out from its hiding place. It was not someplace I would have expected to find it. I was very glad that it surfaced when it did.

Just recently I paid attention to the photo on the cover. A single swan is swimming on a calm lake with a mountain in the distance. Swans mate for life. The photo is very significant for this year in my life. I have become a single swan swimming in a reasonably calm lake — reflecting either sunrise or sunset in the colors of the mountains and lake.


A thaw was promised. After weeks of frozen temperatures, snow and ice — a couple of days of sunshine and warmer temperatures. Perfect day to go downtown and hand deliver the paperwork for our senior freeze. Of course, first I had to fill in the numbers. I was confused by one of the numbers on the form. I had filled it out in previous years. I had confidence in my abilities — every time I looked at the previous years, the numbers didn’t make sense. Thankfully I saved the paperwork and was able to figure it out.

Heading downtown, I planned on staying on the elevated train. Then I remembered the ped-way that stretched underground to city hall. I hadn’t traveled downtown in months. Even though the weather was good, I decided to refresh my memory on the underground path and switched trains for the subway. And totally confused myself. I had no trouble finding the ped-way but that is when things changed. A new building — many new shops and restaurants shared the path. Signage was different, so different that I was confused and asked directions. Thankfully I was headed in the right direction. And leaving the new building, I saw signs showing the way.

Not only did we have warming temperatures, but the day was the anniversary of the fire. I decide that I would stop in at St. Peters, for Mass or just a few prayers. I was too early for Mass, so I decided to say my version of the rosary — thanks for my family, help in my life, help in the world, ending with prayers for continuing help with my path in life. I was on the fifth decade — path in life. The decade is comprised of ten beads or fingers if beads aren’t available. I reached number five when bells announced the beginning of Mass. I finished the decade on the train back home.

While I was at St. Peter’s, I remembered my quest. My granddaughter was experienceing too many headaches and I wanted to know if there was a patron saint to petition. Three people were in the gift shop , with access to a computer. They found St. Teresa of Avila — patron of headaches, bodily ills, sick people, and loss of parents. A holy card wasn’t available but they had a pamphlet with more information on the saint. I learned that she experienced mystical prayer accompanied by visions and voices. I also learned that she passed over on my birthdate in 1582. I didn’t realize that she was the patron of lost parents until the next day. The date of the fire was the anniversary of the passing of both my mother and brother.

I noted the various synchronicities that I had experienced during the day. I wasn’t done. I stopped in our neighborhood for a bowl of Poke. A Japanese dish that I had enjoyed in Hawaii. The number of my order was the year of my birth.


My youngest daughter invited me to go to a woman’s retreat hosted by her church. I have attended a few over the years and totally enjoyed each one of them. It is a chance to take a break from my life, spend time with my daughter and see if there are any messages that haven’t gotten through because I’ve been too busy.

Normally the retreat is held in September, this year, it was later, almost November. Cooler weather — winter coats anyone. Thankfully I had already switched my summer clothes for Fall. We had been at the Abbey before, but I had forgotten all the stairs involved in getting from place to place. In the warmer weather, we had just exited the building, walked through the grass and entered where we needed to be. Not wanting to carry a coat around, that wasn’t the option this time.

Thankfully my knees have improved. I don’t know how I would have managed if the retreat was held during the summer. Arriving at the Abbey, before dark, the parking lots were already full. Eight hundred woman had signed up for a refreshing of spirit. My daughter parked close to the spa. And we entered that door. It was building three of five — all of which are joined by hallways and stairs.

I had a pleasant surprise. It had been a four hour drive and since my daughter has an SUV, my knees didn’t hurt. As a matter of fact, I didn’t need the adjustment time that normally occurred when I had been sitting for more than an hour. Our next car might need to be an SUV.

The distance from where we had entered to the front lobby was interesting. Made more interesting when we decided to help a fellow member who was loaded down with luggage, bags and a cooler making her way to building five. We offered helping hands. Many hallways and flights of stairs later we arrived at the lobby, helped by the lobby signs pointing the way. Only to learn that our room was on the first floor, near the spa, in building three.

I was VERY GRATEFUL that I had been taking Arthocin for three months. I hate to think how I would have managed if my knees were still as painful as they had been in the summer. I have to admit that I shared my experience with the Arthocin with many of the woman at the retreat.

I won’t bore you with the minute details — just the highlights. The theme of the weekend was Grace Overflowing. And I noted many times that Grace was Overflowing. It started on the way to the Abbey. We stopped at a Barnes and Noble in Rockford — just to break up the trip. I found a mystery book by Donna Andrews that has given me many hours of laughter — two books in one, at a reduced price. I was unfamiliar with her books and plan to investigate further.

During the opening prayer, I closed my eyes and had a vision of many rosaries — the whole screen filled with strings of beads. Many people praying for not only the retreat but family members, our world and other concerns. The room assignment near the spa gave me signs to follow getting back to our room. We decided that since the car was parked so close to our room, to leave it there and eat at the Abbey. The food was excellent.

I opened the bible on Saturday morning to Psalm 107:21. “Oh, that men would give thanks to the Lord for His goodness and His wonderful works to the children of men.”
Snow showers during Saturday morning. I attended a session on the importance of taking care of your body and soul. The importance of celebrating the Sabbath — taking time to refresh, restore. I talked to the person who was leading the yoga and decided my time would be better spent in the pool and hot tub.

We crashed a party on Saturday of some of my daughter’s friends. The restaurant was completely booked, they had reservations for thirty five, not including us. The manager found a couple of chairs, we became a party of thirty seven and totally enjoyed the buffet of crab legs and prime rib.

Sunday morning, I opened the bible to Isaiah 6:8 “Whom shall I send and who will go for us.” And I laughed.


It was a beautiful morning at the camper — warm, gentle breeze — before a cold front dropped the temperature 20 degrees. During our morning walk, I would have continued further down the trail except I told my husband where we were going and DID NOT bring my cell phone. So Robin and I took the shorter trail and returned home. It was warm enough with a light jacket that I did Tai Chi on the deck. I planned to make a smoothie and sit out enjoying the sunshine. I planned to do Jane Fonda’s Strength DVD but opted to enjoy the sunshine instead.

I had just finished making my smoothie when my husband came back inside, with the chairs. Dark clouds covered the sun, the wind increased and the temperature dropped. I decided NOT to sit outside. I DECIDED to exercise like I had originally planned. OH REALLY! I laughed at the way I HAD DECIDED. Since I have spent many years reacting to “help from my friends”, I recognized an intervention.

I was glad that I picked the DVD, it might be more helpful than Aging Backwards. I am NOT at all pleased with my lose of strength. Getting up from the toilet, chair, floor — even the car has become more of a challenge. I picked the second workshop, and was able to do it. I decreased the weights, paying attention to my sore shoulder. My husband said it might benefit him, he would do it with me tomorrow. I have 5 lb weights he can use.

Last weekend was Fall Festival. I was reminded of all the many experiences I have had during the Festival over the years. In fact I told the story to someone I knew who had lost not only her mother but other family members this year. It was one of the first times when I realized that I am NEVER ALONE. The full story of how I was instrumental in saving my neighbor’s life is written in my book JOURNEY WITH ME. It is titled TRACKING TIME. I didn’t save any one’s life this year but I might have shared stories that was of help to others. We had a flea market but I didn’t spend any money — instead I conversed with many of my friends. I laughed that Sunday morning when I had turned on the television in time for the blessing from the Mass, prayer to St. Michael and song “Here I am Lord.” It is one of my favorites and I sang along. “I will go Lord, If you need me. I have heard You calling in the night.”

We will soon pack up the camper for the season — not planning to return to either the Spring or Summer. It is easier to go home when it is cold, and rainy — harder when it is warm and sunny. For years we left the furnace on and came out in the winter. Sadly age has made me more careful of ice and snow. Winter snowy hikes no longer have the appeal that they once had.


I NEED STORIES. I’m often pestered to write a thought ramble to share with you. If my life is routine, nothing exciting happening, I have nothing to write about — so I’m given ideas. For a long time I have felt that I’m usually in the right place, at the right time to either be helped myself or to help someone else. I just have to be aware, paying attention — not distracted.

There is another purpose to the stories I’m given, not only to write but to physically “tell.” Many years ago I attended an audition looking for performers. I was active in the storytelling guild world at the time and decided to try out. Many people carried equipment with them. I realized that I carried my stories in my pocket — there is always room for more.

Okay — I’m rambling — is there a point to this? YES! Recently “I found a dime” and wrote about it. Recently I had the opportunity to “tell” the story. One of my neighbors is “challenged.” I don’t know much about her — age, name, medical problem. I first noticed her a few years ago — she keeps to herself when out. I first thought she was a child, and possibly lost. Although I often saw her, I never spoke to her. The opportunity didn’t present itself. Since I was concerned, when I saw her landlady I asked a few questions. I learned that she wasn’t a child instead a woman in her forties and capable of living alone. If I learned what her challenge was I have since forgot. Her path has crossed mine a few times, enough where we now exchange a few words. Mostly it is about the weather — staying warm, being careful.

I was out walking Robin when we met last week. For a change the sun was out, light wind, the temperature comfortable for winter. She shared a secret with me, the passing of her mother in the Fall. She asked that I pray for her mother in heaven. I shared a few short stories with her, demonstrating that those who have passed are often with us when needed. I ended my short stories with my recent experience of finding a dime. Since it was recent, it made an impression. Did it help her with her loss? I don’t know. But I find it comforting, when I’m not being hit on the head, to know that those who have passed are still with me, even if they are on the other side, even if I don’t see or hear them.


In the Catholic church, Sunday was the feast of All Souls day. Members of family and friends are remembered in a special way. The first song listed was Come Ye Thankful People Come — not one of my favorites. Then Mass started and the cantor announced the first song — Amazing Grace. Since we have been in the country, I hadn’t been to our church in a month and although surprised at the change, I hadn’t looked at the date of the sheet. I thought I had an old sheet and that the parish had decided to stop providing the sheets for Mass in a conservation attempt. Then the cantor said that the next song was printed on the order sheet. ?? I didn’t have the right order sheet. I like that song, don’t know the words and was not too happy that I had the wrong information. I decided to hum along with the melody. Then I looked at the order sheet that I picked up — then I laughed. HI DAD, HELLO EVERBODY! The date on the order sheet was October 5 — the weekend of my birthday.

As a parting gift, our cantor sang Lloyd Webber’s Requiem. Beautiful!

My life continues to be interesting — today the computer is having fits. It is taking a very long time to load any information. I mentioned the problem to our son — same computer — he didn’t have a problem at all. I could have walked out to the garbage and back in the time it took some things to load — his inquiry’s were immediate. Although I get a warm feeling when I know “my friends in higher places” are around, when they mess with something I’m trying to accomplish it can be frustrating.

This morning I opened the bible to Isaiah 61: The Mission To the Afflicted. “To give them oil of gladness in place of mourning, a glorious mantle instead of a listless spirit.” Evidently my job, if you want to call it that — is to share the good news. Those that have passed over are alive and well on the other side. I’ll admit that I miss the physical but since they are so active in my life — I don’t grieve.

Why did I have trouble with the computer? The answer might be: “Why are you playing instead of writing? We gave you a new story to share.” Although the brain is not clicking along, struggling through molasses as a matter of fact — I haven’t had any problems with the writing. Evidently the words are agreeable.


When I told my husband what I noticed that morning, he responded: “that’s weird.” And I guess it was. But to me it seemed a normal part of my life. I have to admit that one plus one didn’t make two right away. I opened the bible in the morning to a verse in Ezekiel which detailed the interior of the temple. Then I did a morning meditation which focused on how the parts of my body felt. I didn’t connect the dots until I was writing the bible reading in my daily calendar book. That is when I recognized I was being alerted to the subject of the meditation. One plus one equaled two.

This connection doesn’t happen all the time but it is not unusual for me either. I’ll open the bible in the morning and the verse will be the same verse at Mass that day or the next. For me this is normal — not unusual. I don’t know how long this has been a part of my life. I suppose it is like learning to walk. When you begin you struggle to find your balance, place one foot in front of the other but in time, not only are you walking, but you might be running as well.

I used to run rather fast. That was in days past — when I was younger and weighed less. My knees didn’t hurt nor did my hips. I remember racing the buses on the main street where lived — bus on the street, me on the sidewalk. Sadly those days are long gone. When I’m stuck in the negative — focusing on all the abilities I no longer have — I see someone who is more challenged than myself — in a walker, using a cane or in a wheel chair.

I used to be unaware of the “help” I receive on a regular basis. We just celebrated Fall Festival at our campground. This year was chilly — I remembered the year that was warm. That was the year I was instrumental in helping to save my neighbors life — more than 20 years ago. One and one made two and my life has never been the same since. My father was still alive so it must have been help from my mother, but I was unaware. For years after that experience, whenever I told the story, goose bumps covered my arms.

If you are just discovering that there is “help” from the other side. WELCOME — enjoy the journey. If one plus one is only totaling one — give yourself a break. It took me a long time before I reached this point in my life but then I have a job — to help you become more aware. And I have to have something new to write about.

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