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I NEED to lose weight. Summer is coming — I’m planning a trip or two and I NEED to fit into the airplane seats. Now I’ll admit that I looked up my weight in my calendar books the last time I flew and THANKFULLY I’m not heavier. BUT when I’m on my feet for too long, standing at a counter or table, my back hurts. It doesn’t seem to bother me when I’ve gone for a long walk, although other body parts protest. I’ve been trying to loser weight since January without much success.

Smoothies have surfaced recently — books, magazines and lets not talk about the many commercials on TV. I decided to make a green kale, spinach, apple smoothie. I had trouble deciding what equipment to use and finally settled on my blender — its bigger. I purchased the supplies only to discover that the kale was starting to wilt. It had five days before the use by day. I was definitely disappointed but salvaged what I could.

I decided to add protein powder and spent time looking in the pantry for its hiding place. (I haven’t used it since last summer.) I found a container of mysterious powdered stuff that had been enjoyed by bugs. Thankfully they didn’t get through the lid. I don’t know how long that container had been hidden. (Some times my life is too busy and things get lost.)

Proceeding on — I cored the apple, sliced and put it into the blender. I added a scoop of protein powder. I measured the kale and spinach , added the water and turned on the blender. I WATCHED this green goo escape from the bottom of the blender and spread all over the counter and drip onto the floor. You would think that I would have turned the blender off but it took a few minutes to register what was happening.

I can truthfully tell you that I’m stubborn and didn’t let this mess stop me. I cleaned up the goo and made another batch — my family says I’m stubborn. I guess they are right.

I don’t know if I was supposed to make a smoothie — or not. Was I just supposed to find the mysterious container of powder? I made another smoothie today without the problems. Learning from my mistakes, I put the blender on a paper towel to make sure it wasn’t leaking.

Still learning, although I can sit quietly with a blank mind for a few minutes, I’m not able to imagine a guided meditation. I sit in a black space. My imagination needs a lot of work.

SHARING — I had another paragraph that I guess is private — not supposed to be shared. When I went to save the ramble — the computer locked. Retrieving the thought ramble — the paragraph is missing! Better now — saved no problem!

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