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My granddaughter, her mate and my great grand are in for a visit. Taking advantage of a spare afternoon, I planned that we would go to the Garfield Conservatory. They have a children’s garden that is just right for a crawling, investigating child. They have a slide that is big enough for a mom and her child.

We were prepared for take off. Child fed, diaper bag packed, stroller at the ready when I took a bowl of cooked potatoes out of the microwave oven and the vent covering almost hit me in the head. ?? What was that for? It delayed our journey. First I called my husband for help when I couldn’t put the piece back on. Sadly he wasn’t able to either, although he tried many times. One of the ears that holds the cover in place had broken off. I called the company for service only to learn that since it was cosmetic, it wasn’t covered on the service contract. I called the manufacturer for a part. we were finally able to go — again.

Arriving at the conservatory, I met a seeing eye dog rushing down the stairs, his person running down the stairs behind him. I was concerned that I had caused this behavior. I have an affinity for many different animals, dogs in particular.

Four rooms of the conservatory were closed off. They are still replacing the glass roof after the hail storm destroyed 3/4 of the conservatory in 2010. My favorite place — the fern room — was under construction but the children’s garden had not been affected by the hail and was open. Miss Lilly had a lovely time crawling around in places that my younger grandchildren have visited. She enjoyed the slide with her mom.

Before we left, we visited the outside gardens and I saw the vision challenged person sitting on a bench. I stopped to talk to her. I learned that her dog was in desperate need of a bathroom break — hence the run down the stairs. He was resting at her feet, but when I sat down, my feet became his pillow.

I wonder — did the vent falling off the microwave delay our trip so I could meet her?

The next day, we drove out to our camper, stopping at the oasis for a rest break. I met a 14 week old Yorkshire puppy. He was in training to be a service dog. ?? So tiny to be a service dog. He decided that resting at my feet was a good option. He was in training to be a mental service dog. My curiosity woke. I had many questions but my first one stopped most of the rest. I learned the person he was with was his designated companion. I didn’t know how to politely ask the rest of my questions.

I wonder — too many questions. No answers. I’ll have to do some research.

Leaving the building I saw two more dogs with service coats on — one green, one blue. ?? The black lab with the green coat was in training to work with the vision impaired. The golden retriever with the blue coat was in training to be a comfort dog for the Lutheran church.

I wonder — I don’t often meet so many service animals. Four in two days — is there a message that I’m not receiving?

Good question — of course no answer. If I was psychic I might be given the answer. As it is, I try to connect the dots. Four dogs, of different breeds, three in training.

I wonder — is Robin our service dog in training? If she is, I won’t speculate on what area of our life that might be.

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