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I shouldn’t brag. In fact, it is something I really didn’t want to do. I wasn’t even trying! But evidently I made the list. What am I talking about? Somewhere there must be a list of people who are gullible or rich or ? I will admit that I’m gullible, and I am rich but not in money — I’m rich in blessings.

What list? There must be a list of people who are vulnerable, ready to be scammed. I was trying to think of what might have put me on that list. I used to friend anyone who wanted to friend me. That was until I accepted a man — who was so proud of his endowments, that he sent me a photo. I must admit that I wasn’t impressed. I immediately took him off of my list and have become more discriminating about accepting male friends. I have a husband who I love and who loves me.

If that wasn’t the cause, I don’t know what was. I’ll admit that I don’t remember how many times in the recent past I have been given the opportunity to part with our hard earned money. If I went through my notes, I’m sure I would have many examples. Recently I received a phone call from my grandson. ?? A couple of questions proved he wasn’t. I’m always receiving the opportunity to lower our interest rate. Are they legitimate or a scam. I don’t play along long enough to find out.

In my thought ramble SCAMMED I detailed how a phone call and an e-mail almost had me convinced that our credit card or bank account was hacked. Thankfully in those cases I was protected by “my friends” or my experience to avoid danger. Recently I responded to an instant message on Face Book from a “friend”. She wanted to know if I heard the good news. I thought she heard that there would be a change in the election results. NOPE! She had received 150,000 dollars and had seen my name on the list of folks who were also going to receive money. Thankfully I asked her a couple of personal questions which would have proved who she was. She disappeared.

I would love to be tossed off of the list. Hopefully, if that can’t happen I’ll keep my smarts about me to stay out of the traps. I’m sharing with you so you will have more knowledge to avoid the scams.

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