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By now you have probably realized that I write my thought rambles in advance — schedule them to publish when life is busy and rearrange my publishing schedule as life dictates.

I awoke to a beautiful sunrise in the country, so beautiful they captured it on the morning news. Including the forecast for the coming week, we will have 10 days without rain. The last time that this stretch of dry weather occurred was in 2012 — two years ago.

This morning the Jewish community is celebrating Rosh Hashanah. Robin and I have just returned from our morning walk — a little over 4 miles of gently rolling hills. The steep ascent is easier for me because Robin assists in pulling me up hill. On our walk I thought about my legs which were protesting. Yesterday we visited a state park — steeper hills and totaled with my morning walk, I had walked over 9 miles. I knew why my knees were hurting but Robin is young — she wasn’t stiff and tired so we walked.

The past Sunday, we visited our youngest daughter’s church. I noticed a very heavy woman sitting in a large motorized wheel chair. Once upon a time — I was very shy — only spoke when spoken to — but times have changed. The members of my daughter’s church are very friendly, but this woman was sitting all alone — so I took the opportunity to chat. I learned that Sharon was very happy with her mobility chair – until it arrived in February, she was a prisoner of her abode because of our snowy, icy winter., only able to go out to the doctors. “I can walk”, she told me. “But not for long — the pain in my feet and legs becomes severe.”

With her new chair, she was not only able to visit the doctor, but had a day out — shopping at a treasure store, a bookstore and stopping for coffee. Freedom, something she hadn’t had in a long time.

After yesterday morning’s walk I talked to a man who was fishing, wearing a brace on his leg. He had knee replacement surgery but an infection had developed — the new knee was removed and now concrete blocks were implanted to fight the infection.

We stopped at Farm and Fleet today to pick up a few things. Both walnuts and pecans were on sale — I bought both . A heavy man whizzed through the store on his motorized aid. I could tell that he shopped there often from his familiarity with the store. When I left the store, I was surprised to see a huge, black 3/4 ton Ford truck with its handicap designed drivers door open, the lift resting on the ground. Even though we were in a small town, thieves are every where. As we drove around the truck, my husband suggested I look inside. A German shepherd was stretched out — reclining on the back seat. His truck was perfectly safe.

Wandering with spirit, SOME WEEKS ARE LIKE THAT.


We used to see each other every week day. But it has been twenty years since the company we worked for closed. We no longer see each other regularly but we have remained friends. I ‘m the youngest of our group and usually the driver. The years have not been kind to my friends. One has battled cancer and walks with a walker. She recently celebrated her 88th birthday. Her daughter lives with her and her son is near by. She needs oxygen. The other, just two years younger, has Parkinson’s and severe arthritis and has moved into a senior housing complex.

This summer has been extremely busy for me — I’m gone more often than I’m home. Plans were made for the three of us to get together. The day was beautiful — blue skies, warm temperature. I would drive. No problem! Until I reached my friend’s house and saw a wheelchair sitting by the trunk of her car. I learned her ability to walk long distances has decreased and she needed the wheel chair. Her son showed me how to work her portable oxygen tank and how to set up her wheel chair. EXCEPT IT WAS TOO HEAVY FOR ME. I COULD NOT LIFT IT! Thankfully her son put it into the trunk for me. I prayed someone would be available to get it out.

The senior complex was a distance from my friend’s house but after wandering a little bit we found it. Ask and you shall receive — I found someone to get the wheelchair out of the car. Not only did Bill remove the chair from her trunk, he knew how to attach the leg supports and helped my friend out of the car along with her oxygen tank. ( I thanked him for his help and mentioned that he shared the same name as my father.)

SURPRISE — my other friend was in a wheel chair too. We were eating outside in a restaurant on the ground floor. Both of my friends needed to be transported downstairs. And one by one, I pushed. I also learned where the bathroom was and took my older friend twice. Since it is a senior complex, the bathroom was spacious enough for a wheelchair. Maneuvering it and her oxygen tank took a bit of doing but I was up to the challenge. Opening the door to the outside patio was also a challenge but I found people to help.

I was asked if I would take the resident up to her second floor apartment. Her apartment was lovely, very spacious. My older friend enjoyed her cup of coffee while I was gone. The lighter wheelchair was easier to push but it had trouble going over the threshold. When I returned to the ground floor, I learned the heavier wheel chair went over the threshold with no problems. And thankfully, Bill was available to collapse the wheelchair and put it back into the trunk.

Lunch was lovely — the food delicious and the company delightful. And a bonus. Our resident friend is Jewish and the day of our luncheon was the eve of Rosh Hashanah — Happy New year.

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