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August — time for the air and water show. I admit that I’m NUTS. I love to search for the planes as they practice for the show. I have been at the Lake front for the complete show on two separate occasions and watched the show from beginning to end. Both times it was very enjoyable, sitting watching the air — or water — or people. I have to admit that I get even more enjoyment from hearing the sound of the planes and searching the sky.

Sometimes I have been at our house — going outside, looking for the best place to find them. Where is the best viewing? Less obstructed by buildings and tree. Leaving the house at the first sound of the engines.

This year I was shopping — at the right time, at the right place to find the planes. I didn’t know which group was performing this year. They flew low over the spot were I was standing, I could almost read the writing on their wings — if my glasses were better. This year I had my camera. It was soon out, in my hand, pointed at the sky. The Thursday sky was very cloudy, I LOVE to watch clouds, look for images. While I was trying to capture the planes, I thought if I missed, I would enjoy the photos of the clouds. I took 18 photos — 3 actually were close — 12 captured dots at a distance. I couldn’t see them until I was home, with better glasses to view the shots. I learned that the Blue Angels were flying. It reminded me of the year in which I dreamt that I was a pilot of a Blue Angel plane. That year I had an angel Christmas. My son and my youngest daughter each bought angels for me. What made it even more special — I hadn’t told them my dream. (The story is WINGS in Journey with Me.)

Friday I was back. The photo printer was under repair at the store. I was in time to see the Stealth Bomber escorted by a smaller plane. It was the same hour as the Blue angels on the preceding day. This time the sky was blue — hardly a cloud to be seen. I got my printed photos and proceeded to the next store. Our plans had changed — we were staying in the city for a longer time — I needed more food.

As I entered the second store — I heard the planes. Camera at the ready — the view wasn’t as clear as the day before, stores were in the way. BUT this time the sky was clear. Remember I mentioned that I was NUTS. Empty camera because I had cleared the disk after downloading the pictures — 28 pictures later. Since the sky was blue, the pilots were able to draw pictures in the sky. Seeing the smoke trails, I had an opportunity to take photos in which I was confident that the planes would be at the end of the trail. I LOVE the new camera’s that don’t use film. JUST SAYING!

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