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Starting again. This morning I wrote the first paragraph of this thought ramble and saved it. So I thought. Evidently my editors didn’t agree with what I had written because it was ALL GONE.

I get SO MUCH help on a very daily basis, most of which I’ll admit that I don’t recognize. I guess that is why I get in so much trouble. The reason for the title of this ramble is that once again I’m being nudged to lose weight. I have tried numerous times, sometimes with success but sadly life happens and the lost weight comes back with interest. I’ll state that I have NO INTEREST in going on a diet. They are too restrictive and I end up required to give up food that I like: potatoes, corn on the cob, etc.

New plan — hopefully this time I will succeed. The first nudge came when my husband was encouraged to attend the MOVE nutritional group at the local Veterans clinic. I was allowed to join him for support. (I’m chief cook.) That led us into the exercise part of the program. Since then I’ve added evening stretches to my preparation for bed routine.

Second nudge — a couple of the volunteers are using a Fitbit to track their steps and sleep. Listening to their results, I learned that the Fitbit recorded more steps than the pedometer I had been wearing. About that time, the pedometer that I had been wearing stopped working. The Fitbit also records my sleep habits. I’ve learned that when I get less than 6 hours sleep I’m more tired. Recent articles in print and on the news have highlighted lack of sleep as a contributor to weight gain among other issues. I’m trying to increase my sleep hours to seven or even eight. One disadvantage: I wear the Fitbit on my wrist, in order to record steps my arms have to have movement — when shopping, arms on a cart don’t record steps.

Third Nudge: I’ve recently learned that the Fitbit will link to My Fitness Pal. When I tried to link them, My old My Fitness Pal program didn’t have the tools necessary. The My Fitness Pal program on the I Pad didn’t allow us to change participants. Since I don’t give up easily, I took out our lap top where I was successful. Not only was I able to set it up for him with a newer program, but that version allows us to change the path so we both can individually use the same program. Now I’ll admit that being lazy, I haven’t entered my food on My Fitness Pal for months although I do keep a food log — just no calories. Of course I had to add my food for the day to see if it would work.

Linking the two programs, I entered my food and was very surprised to see the calories acquired on Fitbit as well as calories expended. It will be interesting to see how the two programs influence my weight and sleep habits. I asked my husband if he wanted me to link his programs. He admitted that logging his food was more fun than he wanted.

Will I succeed this time. Good question. STAY TUNED!

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