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Go Home

I think that I have mentioned that the Fall is often a sad time for me — I’m older, winter is coming and we have to close our camper for the season. I have to pack up all the food and take it home. It is never something I look forward to. When we were younger, we didn’t close the camper. We left the furnace on, the food in the fridge and cabinets and wandered between city and country as the spirit moved. Sadly we became older — the winter sports and cold weather, icy roads became more of a challenge. We haven’t gone to the country in many years in the winter.

I tried to use up the food stored in the freezer — the freezers at home were already loaded. I tried to use up the food in the cabinets — the pantry at home was well stocked. I tried not to load up the camper for food for the summer but God laughed. Our granddaughter from Florida was only at the camper for two days — including travel time. Our grandchildren in Illinois were not out as often — the rainy weather cancelled a lot of plans. Food I bought for their stay was still in the camper.

Then to make life more interesting — a friend noticed edible mushrooms on our lot — hen in the woods. I learned another friend knew how to clean them. I have to admit that I wasn’t successful in harvesting — hopefully they will return next year. I spent a full day cleaning and preparing for freezing — 10 quart bags full. Thankfully our son came out to the camper and I had packaging to transport the frozen mushrooms back to the city. Our son found room in the freezer at home for the mushrooms. Finding room for the rest of the food would be interesting.

When we planned our last trip — the weather was supposed to be in the 60’s, rainfall limited. Our first two days were beautiful. My husband raked and burned leaves. Then the clouds arrived, the temperatures dropped and the rain visited the area. The clouds and rain were VERY comfortable. They didn’t leave for more than four days. We extended our stay, hoping for sunny weather. The day before we planned to leave the sun came out at 2 in the afternoon. We took the scooter for our last ride.

That night, both of the heaters in our room addition stopped working. The temperature at night was close to freezing. Was someone telling us to go home? We packed up the freezer, fridge and cabinets and left the next afternoon — more clouds coming in, more rain predicted.

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