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Sometimes I make a decision that actually works out. Reality — that doesn’t happen often. Sometimes my plan works. Usually it is delayed or changed.

OKAY — we are having FUN today. Someone is playing. Is someone on the other side receiving a lesson? What appears in print is not necessarily what is happening. I type something, and I get a duplicate. ?? I have now lost my train of thought. SURPRISE? As if I wasn’t already having enough trouble, the phone rang — a sales call.

About two weeks ago — back in town, I attended Mass at our city church and noticed a number of people sitting in the last pew on the West side of the church — normally occupied by Joe and his granddaughter. One and one quickly made two and I realized that something had happened. We just attended his memorial Mass and I gave his daughter and granddaughter a copy of JOURNEY WITH ME. The book contains my early lessons on “help” from the other side. (If my early lessons would be of interest to you the book is available at Amazon.) And as you have probably noticed — more than 15 years later, it continues.

Back to DECISIONS. Every once in a while I receive a “gift”, a vision or an unexplained feeling. It doesn’t happen often and always is strong enough that not only am I surprised but I remember it. Our youngest daughter had not started school, I was sitting on the back porch stairs and saw myself walking down the stairs with white hair. My older self was slender. Even though I’m older, my hair IS NOT WHITE YET, nor sadly am I slender. After my husband retired, I was walking down a main street close to our house and felt like my feet were rooting into the ground. I understood the messages to mean that we shouldn’t be selling our house and moving.

Recently, “I” planned that we would spend a couple of weeks in the country. The weather changed — we had an early fall — rain, cold temperatures. We stayed in town. “I” planned we would attend the Field Museum and see the reimagining of the 1893 Worlds Fair. The exhibit CLOSED the Sunday before our visit. Instead we saw BIOMECHANICS — a nuts and bolts look at the Natural World. Both my husband and I totally enjoyed the exhibit. I like animals, some of my favorites — giraffes, wild cats, and elephants. Giraffes wear compression stocks to help with their circulation. I’m not tall but my legs are long and sadly NOW I NEED compression stockings. Cheetahs use their long tail for stability when running — Robin has a very long tail, she runs in turbo speed. Elephants use their ears as a fan to cool off — I don’t have big ears. The Field had a rough winter too — two restaurants are no longer there — replaced by fresher, more expensive options. Picnic anybody?

I LOVED our Chocolate Lab and miss her daily but I know I don’t have the strength for a big dog. Robin was small when we adopted her. She had the audacity to continue to grow, taller — longer, taking up more space on the bed. I thought we should get an older dog, Robin is younger, has unlimited energy, likes to run and play — not rest and sleep. “I” guess we were given the dog we NEEDED. Thankfully I receive “help” with my decisions.

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