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It is always interesting when I look back at some of the events in my life. At the moment, they do not seem important. It is only when a few hours, days, or weeks have passed that I see the connection. I don’t know when the title of the movie GOD’S NOT DEAD first appeared in my life. It was a few weeks ago — on TV, with just a brief description of the plot. I didn’t pay too much attention but the title stuck in my mind.

Recently I learned I could rent it, but I don’t like to order movies via the TV. Yesterday the movie was in my face, at Target, then in my hand, at the cash register and out the door. And on our TV in the afternoon. I thought the movie was well done. I could relate to many of the scenes — their car wouldn’t start. I don’t have that particular problem but many times what I plan to do is not what God wants me to do and even though I’m a slow learner, I do get the message eventually.

It is the Fall season of the year — a time when I tend to get depressed. I don’t know if this year the feeling is worse — but I’m heavier and can’t seem to get with the program. Soon I will be older. That is not making me happy or unhappy but my weight and lack of energy is a growing problem. I’m on FACEBOOK but I don’t spend much time on the computer. Yesterday I responded to a message and found a few things that either gave me a smile or made me laugh. My great granddaughter, although far away, is a delight thanks to her mother’s sharing.

Today, I was trying to meditate — BUT — my computer WOULD NOT LET ME! I accessed FACEBOOK instead. A friend has been challenged to find something that makes her happy for 100 days and post it. I know I won’t take the time to post something on line every day but jotting down something in a notebook every day might be worthwhile.

I saw a video — mother duck at the top of a set of stairs — 12 ducklings on the steps below. Ducklings trying and TRYING to get up the stairs with their mother. THEY DID NOT GIVE UP. Both mother and brood paced back and forth. When the last ducking reached the top of the stairs — mother took off with her ducklings following behind her.

Today I was able to go to Mass at our church. I learned that a friend had passed on Wednesday, we should be in town for his memorial service. I learned that one of our priests was moving to a residential facility. I had noticed that he had dementia, I guess it is getting worse.

I just met a woman whose 96 year old mother lives with her. The mother still has her mind but is losing her sight.

I’M NOT GIVING UP — I’LL KEEP LOOKING FOR MY HAPPY — and I’ll try again to get my weight down and find my energy. Just like the ducklings, I’ll keep trying!

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