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I had a mission. I wanted to find a place to store a set of pot and pans in the camper that I received for Christmas a few years ago. I needed a large pan in which to cook my spaghetti sauce. At first, I was going to buy one at the store when I remembered the stored Christmas present. It was still at home because I didn’t have space to put it.

It would have made sense to start with the closet — instead I started with the drawers. They are too shallow to put a pot or a pan in. But they held swimsuits that haven’t been used in decades. I found two sets of fins for the feet, to be used in swimming. I don’t remember buying them or anyone in our family using them. Sadly the straps were broken so I tossed them instead of recycling. I found sheets and pillow cases — some still in their original packaging. ?? Time passes, memories fade — stuff stays hidden. I found tennis rackets and badminton rackets. At least I remember buying and using them.

I also found projects — an eagle embroidery, the yarn still wound. A set of microwave dishes, bought at an RV show — never used. As well as two racks to cook a chicken and a roaster for microwave cooking. Time passed, life was busy — stuff was stored and forgotten. I haven’t made a decision about those items yet. Use them or recycle — good question — no answer.

We have had our trailer for more than 30 years — many things are hidden. I haven’t explored all the nooks and crannies. I might have made space for the pots and pans. We will have to bring them out so I can see.

I’m finding stuff hidden at home also. We were out of coffee, I looked on the top shelf of our pantry and discovered a can of Hills Brothers coffee. It was opened, the plastic lid on the can and stored on the back of a shelf. I will admit that I’m probably the culprit. I was most amazed when I discovered it. How many years has it been sitting up there? Lets not even ask. Why was it placed at the back of the shelf? Another good question. I’m guessing that it was removed from the counter when we learned my husband had diabetes and stopped drinking coffee because he used sugar and didn’t like the substitutes. But I’m guessing.

The stuff hidden at the camper brought back good memories and some questions. We have lived in our house more than 40 years. The house has many nooks and crannies — I won’t speculate on what I might find here — that is, if I have the time and energy to look.

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