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Before 8 AM at the camper, Robin and I headed out for our morning walk. I just turned onto the nature trail when I glanced back to the road and saw two dogs, running without an owner in sight. Both dogs were large — a German shepherd and a yellow Lab or Golden Retriever. I was concerned that they were not on a leash.

Returning an hour later from our walk, I met a man in a car, looking for two missing dogs. He said that the yellow dog often runs away, the shepherd kept him company. I shared the little bit of information that I knew — which wasn’t much, and an hour late.

I sent up a prayer for the missing dogs and the searching owner. Sadly we have been there — looking for dogs that escaped. Many years ago, we went to town to listen to the fireworks, leaving our shepherd in a locked camper. The campground was quiet when we left, sadly it didn’t remain quiet. Our shepherd flew through a tiny screened window in our door. We looked for her for hours, finally finding her outside of the campground, in the farm fields. We were very relieved.

A few years later, I ran after my husband. Our Irish setter and our Shepherd, ran out of the camper after us. I caught up to him at the comfort station, the dogs didn’t see where we went and kept going. Our children were still living at home and went looking on bicycles, with walkie talkies for communication. The dogs were discovered laying by a sun bather at the lake. Both of the dogs liked the water. I don’t remember if they were wet or dry. We were glad they were found.

Late Saturday morning, my husband and I left the campground to go out for breakfast. Three to four miles down the back road, we saw movement ahead of us on the road. As we drove closer, I recognized the missing dogs. My husband opened the back door of our car and invited them to join us. They must have been tired, they did not hesitate to climb in. Both were wet and dirty. The Lab laid down immediately, the shepherd still had energy, sitting up alert, head out the window.

We called security at the gate and asked them to contact the owners. Mission accomplished.

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