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In the early days of my trying to understand the messages that I received, I was hit on the head a lot. I remember the trunk of our car closing on my head when my husband was trying to contact me. I remember branches of a tree falling on my head, and the colored pencils I was using, all rolling off my table because it was time for me to do something else. The one that stands out the most is when the toilet seat fell on my head at Menards. I dislike getting hurt and I do my best to try to be alert and pick up the messages as they come in.

Now I’ll admit that they don’t come in plainly, in English, telling me what I’m forgetting to do or possibly what I should be doing. I’ll also admit that I probably wouldn’t listen which is what causes me to get hurt. When I read the article about the Universe Yelling, I knew that often it is talking to me. I also thought I was paying attention! WRONG! Stuff started falling out of the freezer downstairs. Hitting my foot — slipper socks — no protective shoes. Then a bag of chili fell on top of my head. I thought I deciphered that one correctly and had a single serving of chili soup for lunch. WRONG AGAIN!

Hindsight — I think the message trying to get across was that I was wearing my shoes too long, throwing off my knee — hip. OUCH! Two weeks and my knee is still whimpering, at least it is no longer yelling or screaming. My new request, prayer, pleading with the COMMANDER of my life is that if we are to stay in this house, I need to be able to navigate the stairs.

I’ve cut back on Robin’s walk — one block instead of two. Now I take off whatever shoes I’m wearing in the house and put on slipper socks. I would go barefoot but I’m still wearing my lovely compression sexy socks. I’m trying to pay more attention to the wear on my shoes. My knee improves, then something painful happens. And I’m back butt down, feet up again. Still trying!

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