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I suppose we knew it was coming — we knew we would need a new roof. We were using more tar on the roof surface each year. Every year, our skylight would leak and sealant would need to be used. Our shingles were starting to curl. Exactly when we got a new roof, we didn’t remember but it was after my father passed. A strong thunder storm caused water to cascade into our bathroom from the sky light. More water came down on the books in my husband’s office. It was time.

We called a roofer who was listed in the Best Pick Reports. After looking at our roof, they told us that they were unable to make the repairs but they recommended someone who could. We made some repairs of our own, but knew we had to get a new roof. I phoned the company which had been recommended. The fellow who answered the phone said he would be out that afternoon or the next day. He NEVER came! Nor did he return my phone call. A neighbor recommended a couple of roofers. Our son-in-law asked a roofer he knew to give us a quote. I phoned the roofers our neighbor had recommended. One was so busy they weren’t taking any more jobs. The second impressed me with their questions over the phone.

Our son looked outside and noticed two men looking at our building. When he went outside to talk to them, he learned they had been recommended by our son-in-law. After looking at our roof, they said they would give us a quote in a couple of days. Our home insurance adjuster came out to look at the roof. I had learned that the roof might be covered by hail or wind damage. Luckily it was just sliding under the 20 year mark for insurance help. The adjuster told us insurance would cover the damage and he would phone us that night. HE DIDN’T. Nor did he phone the next day. I caught him in his office during a thunder storm. The amount of money that we would receive wasn’t as much as we had hoped. I think that is why he didn’t phone that night. He suggested we should have our roofer call and negotiate a higher return. The third roofer came out for an estimate. Our son-in-laws roofer phoned to see if we had received an estimate yet. I wonder if he was planning to bid higher so he wouldn’t get the job. Thankfully the third roofer who had impressed me with their questions on the phone and their professionalism gave us an estimate that not only allows us to get a new roof but we could replace our sky light also.

A date was set for a new roof. We were at the camper when our son received a phone call at 6:30 AM that they were starting the roof that morning. ?? The date I had written down was two weeks away. I had mentioned that we would be in the city to have a tree in our backyard trimmed. The person who runs the office was able to reschedule their jobs in order to have the roof work done when we were in town.

I was talking to the son of the owner about our skylight when we spoke about other parts of the project. He mentioned that the insurance HAD to cover the plywood because it was a city requirement. He said they also HAD to cover the ice shield. I tried to contact the insurance without success. I got stuck in the loop of “hold on, your call is very important to us. It will be answered in the order that it was received.” After 20 minutes I hung up. Thankfully I found the name and number of a person who had sent us the estimate for payment. HE ANSWERED HIS PHONE. I was SO HAPPY to have a human voice he must have thought that I was nuts. Bottom line, there is a separate schedule for repairs required by city and state. Thankfully we had that coverage. He offered to contact the roofer and let them know what was needed. He phoned me to let me know the roofer was working on it.

A qualified company to replace our roof, a price that is not only affordable but allows us to replace the skylight too. THANK YOU is too small a word. I can see hands working on our behalf behind the scene. For that I am extremely grateful.

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