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Is that a real word? I really don’t know and I’m afraid to look it up. The name came to me when I remembered the previous weekend. In preparation for camping, I looked at the forecast of the temperatures for our campground. At home it had been in the 70’s. I wanted to bring summer clothes if the temperature was going to be warmer. The forecast predicted low 80’s.

They were WRONG! Warmest day in years — 97 to be exact, followed by another 97 degree day. Since May had been cool and rainy, in fact the rain broke the all time record — 8″. My body hadn’t had the time to adjust to 70 let alone 90.

We didn’t have air conditioning but bright and early on Sunday morning, our son-in-law came to our camper to help install the window air conditioner that they no longer didn’t needed. They had a room addition built and central air conditioning installed.

I felt the effects of the heat early Sunday morning. I drove my scooter to the gas station to fill it up. I raised the seat, took off the gas cap but couldn’t get the pump to work. Putting everything back, closing the seat I went inside to discuss my problem. Coming back out, I forgot how to open the seat. I kept feeling for a latch. UNSUCCESSFULLY! I had to drive the scooter back to ask my husband how to open the seat. It opened with a key! I FELT FOOLISH.

But I wasn’t done with the day. Later, I drove our grandchildren to look at a group of animals that had come for a visit: blue eyed pony, llama, Peaches: the albino skunk, rabbits, prairie dog and a turtle or two. Leaving there we stopped at an air conditioned building before heading for ice cream. The line was TOO LONG. Our daughter phoned, arranging to pick up her children. I headed for the grocery store to get bread. NONE AVAILABLE. Only hot dog and hamburger buns. When I went back to our car, I didn’t have the keys? Remembering the numbers for the code on our car, I was able to put the groceries in the trunk. Returning to the grocery store, I looked for my car keys. UNSUCCESSFUL.

Returning to our car, I used the numbers to gain entrance — hoping I dropped the keys inside. NOPE! They were in the ignition — the car running. I forgot to turn the car off when I parked. OOPS!

My husband didn’t far better. He was dizzy and wobbly when he was walking. Not dehydrated, he had consumed SEVEN bottles of water. Still a bit dizzy on Monday but capable of driving back home. The air conditioning in our car, although it works, the car tends to overheat if in heavy traffic. all windows open, we took the back roads to avoid the construction. Then connected with the toll way when it was back to four lanes. THANKFULLY — NO TRAFFIC!


The weather forecast warned of temperatures in the 90’s, high humidity and a triple digit heat index. We were at the camper with our grandchildren who provided plenty of activity, leaving no energy to spare for formal exercise. But they had  gone home. I had not been able to do formal exercise for a few days. Although I have lost weight on the Fast Metabolism diet, I still have a LONG WAY to go. I had planned to take a week or two off of the plan but my husband suggested that I stay the course.  “Your doing good, why stop now?” And I had to admit that he was right.

I also have to admit that except for a few wrinkles —  no potatoes or wine for example, I have adjusted my eating to follow the guidelines. Exercise is part of the plan. I planned to exercise after our grandkids went home but you see I have “friends in high places” who are concerned for my well fare. It was VERY EARLY in the morning, 5:00 to be exact when the crows woke me from a sound sleep. I had NO intention of getting up, except the racket outside didn’t allow me to go back to sleep. I don’t know how many crows had gathered. There were many voices, each with his own opinion which was stated LOUDLY. A few times, they tried to out caw each other, getting their points across. Many years ago, I read that black birds are a symbol of the Divine. Whether they are or not, they succeeded in getting me up. The temperature was already 75 degrees.

The eating plan requires breakfast within a half hour of waking. I had my breakfast and changed into exercise clothes. We don’t have air conditioning in our camper. The trailer itself has a unit but it doesn’t cool off our whole area so we use ceiling fans. By the time I finished with the exercise I was drenched, and the outside temperature had already risen a degree or two.  I will admit that I was happy I got an early start but I have put in my request to be able to sleep until 6:00.

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