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Did you read BROKEN ICE? Did you laugh? It sounded so easy — didn’t it –tell your mind to stop and it would! Your mind would listen to your desire to stop stomping through the muddy places and return to the light. I TRIED, I really did. I refused to dwell on the sad, dark places in my past. It might have worked. If I was at home, in my own space, but sad to say, once again we were out of town.

On the road should have been a distraction — new places, new people, new food. And it would have been, except we were with family. Since we were with family, and they had to work, we didn’t eat out often. I tried to find the light — took their dog for a walk every day, listened for the birds. I actually saw a flock of blue birds. I listened to the crows. I saw a hawk in the tree. I did my tai chi every day and tried to watch my eating habits. I did not have my music; I could not go in the pool, the water was too cool. I left my computer at home, limited myself to the Kindle instead. I learned how to search for stuff on the internet and I discovered a couple of games that were fun. When my granddaughter got a score of over 500 and I barely reached 90 on a word game, I realized my thinking is slowing down.

We went to Florida to meet our new great grand daughter. Both my husband and I enjoyed the new princess in our family. Knowing that they are so far away, and that she would grow up without us didn’t make me smile. I’m reminded that they are on Facebook and Skype is available. Life gets busy but we will try to stay connected.

My daughter suggested I get a children’s book for the baby and read her a story, create memories. I bought a Harry Potter children’s book and read the baby the first story. A good wizard used his magic and a three legged pot for the good of people who came to him for aid. Then the wizard died and left the pot to his son, who did not use the pot’s magic to help people. I read with expression. When the older wizard was helping people, the little one watched me and smiled. When the son was mean and sent the people away, the baby pulled up her bottom lip into a pout and started to cry. We didn’t finish the story, she was too upset. She was only five weeks old. How quickly they are attuned to the tone of voice.

The first full day we spent back at home, the little one rolled over all by herself. Our granddaughter captured it on a video and shared.

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