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I trust that I haven’t given the impression that because I have “friends in high places” stuff doesn’t go wrong in my life. If I have — I’m sorry — I have mislead you. STUFF HAPPENS!

And it did on a VERY COLD Wednesday morning. At 5:30 AM I heard a crash — I didn’t know if something happened to our house or if it was outside. I just knew I heard a noise that was disturbing. I checked our back bedrooms first. Robin was sleeping comfortably on the bed. I looked outside to see if there had been an accident. Everything was quiet out on the street. I got dressed and went downstairs. The first thing I noticed was that the curtain had fallen behind the Christmas tree. ??????

Further investigation revealed a big hole in our window. VERY, very cold air was rushing in. WHAT had happened? WHY did the window break? HOW can I cover the hole? A few ideas popped into my head but nothing was sticking and I couldn’t find anything to cover the hole. I decided that I needed help and woke my husband. Soon after he came downstairs we discovered that another window had been broken. AND we discovered the cause. Rocks had been thrown through our windows. That explained the noise. Neither my husband, my son nor Robin were woken from their sleep.

Thankfully we had duck tape in the house. A few rolls to be precise. We also had plastic window covering left over from the years before thermal windows. (I don’t miss covering our windows every winter but I’m glad I didn’t throw the plastic out.)

I called the company who had installed our windows. Their phone number had been disconnected, they must have gone out of business. I looked up two other companies that installed thermal windows and left a message. When my son joined us, he thought cardboard would be a good idea and took over the task. He also had a good idea who had thrown the rocks. We agreed.

My husband and I have been attending an exercise and nutrition class at a local Veterans Clinic. He decided that he wasn’t going to go to class that morning. I knew I NEEDED to go, I NEEDED to exercise. I couldn’t go without him. Although I’m a veteran of many things — I’m don’t have the credentials to attend a VA program.

During a break between the exercise and the nutrition program one of the companies I phoned returned my call. I learned that they only replaced windows unless they did the original work. The man who phoned suggested a glass company, it would be cheaper.

One of the volunteers at the clinic knew of a glass store in the neighbor hood but didn’t know the address. He said it was right next to a beauty shop that had a sign in front. When we left the clinic and turned down the street, traffic was heavy. My husband pulled to the side to let traffic pass so we could poke. As I looked at the shops, I noticed that he had pulled up to the glass shop. I don’t know if we would have found it if he hadn’t stopped. The shop replaced thermal windows, they came out the next day.

Windows are ordered. I removed half of the ornaments from the tree before they came and our son moved the tree out from the wall. New windows are ordered, they should be in next week. The tree is still up, ornaments moved around but it will be down before the windows are installed. Temperatures are in the single digits — heading for below zero. Thankfully the duck tape, plastic wrap, and cardboard have kept out the cold air.

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