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Okay, I’ll admit it. I was concerned. The fuse that governs our bathroom lights and porch light at the camper was out AGAIN. Lately, it seemed that every time we arrived at the camper, the fuse had blown. Now it was out again. I asked my husband to look at it. He isn’t a licensed electrician but he knows enough about electric to solve some of our problems. He cleaned the fan behind the light in the ceiling. At my suggestion, he also grouted the outside outlet and light.

I was hoping that the problem was fixed. Lights came on with the flick of a switch for a few days, then, sadly the fuse blew again. I was currently reading a murder mystery in which an electrician was electrocuted, the book was delivered the day we were leaving for the camper. I’m sure reading that didn’t help my state of mind. Concerned that the problem with the fuse might cause a fire, I phoned John — he has the experience to fix most of the problems that we encounter. He didn’t answer his phone, so I left a message on his voice mail.

SURPRISE — it wasn’t a half hour later, John’s truck pulled into our driveway. He was in a dead zone at the camper and heard my message when his cell phone had service again. I explained our problem, and my husband told him what actions he had taken. Using various meters, John checked the circuits. The cause of the problem didn’t surface. While they were inside checking, I was outside. I also noticed an outdoor electrical extension plugged into the outlet outside the camper. The cover of the outlet was up. That might be the cause of our problems.

I learned that our electrical problem wouldn’t cause a fire. Once the fuse blew, no electric was flowing, it was safe. There were two options for repair, but neither seemed to be necessary. One was to pull the outside outlet and check the wiring. The second was to replace the fuse box, which would be expensive. We decided to wait and see if the problem came back.

Our youngest daughter was coming out to the camper with a couple of friends. We were going home, leaving the camper for them. We left notes, explaining how to turn the electric back on in the bathroom. Many fires have been caused by electrical problems — I was relieved to learn that our electric was safe. THANK YOU!

Our daughter didn’t have any problems with the electric during the weekend. THANK YOU!

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