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First I received an e-mail from the place Robin received her obedience training warning about a flu outbreak. They were closing and disinfecting the place. Then I heard a report on the television that an influenza was hitting the dog community. I called our vet and learned that I now needed to make an appointment instead of just appearing at the office. There were no appointments available for that day. But I also learned that Robin’s kennel cough shot was still in affect. No worries or so I thought.

A week later Robin was coughing at night. She had been very lovable that day. When she was still coughing the next morning I picked up the phone and made an appointment. As soon as I made the appointment she stopped coughing. We were invited into the vet’s office via the rear door — a protection against the flu.

She DID NOT LIKE having her temperature taken but thankfully her lungs were clear. Robin had a low fever and received pills: cough drops — every 8 hours for five days. She also received an antibiotic — every 12 hours for seven days The news has since reported that the dog flu is from over seas and more than 1000 dogs are affected. Now it is spreading to the cat population. The news said that the kennel cough vaccine does not prevent the animal from getting the flu but it should be a milder case. The dog beach and dog parks are empty. I was concerned that whatever Robin had made the three dogs we saw the day before sick but they are all fine. Whether she had the dog flu and fought it off or picked up a cough from us — she is better now.

We postponed going to the camper on a lovely weekend — I didn’t want to give her medication to protect her from fleas, ticks and ringworm when she was on the antibiotics.

Robin LOVES to run with other four footed friends at the beach. She LOVES to play with other dogs. She IS NOT a people person. I can easily state that SHE IS NOT LIKE ANY OTHER DOG WE HAVE EVER HAD. At first, they recommended staying away from the dog parks for two weeks but it doesn’t sound like the flu is running its course. The weather is warming up, I hope we don’t need a freeze to kill the germ. I’m ready for SPRING!

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