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As soon as I solve one problem, another pops up. Monday, I spoke to the doctor about the welts that were appearing under the top of my boot. The previous Monday, my appointment was in the morning, my leg wasn’t swollen from the day’s adventures; this Monday, my appointment was later in the day — leg swollen. He wrapped the leg a bit looser anyway. Problem solved, or so I thought.

Tuesday, it felt like I had a crack on the heel of my foot under the boot. Every time I took a step, I became aware that something was wrong. If I kept my foot up, things were fine. But when I put weight on the foot again, the boot pulled on the damaged area. I toughed it out on Wednesday. My oldest daughter suggested I put cream on the area. The wrapped foot prevented access. “My friends” prodded me to rely on myself and encouraged me to pay attention to my body. Listening, Wednesday night I investigated a way to gain access to my heel and applied cream. Thankfully, the heel is better today. Another issue to speak with the doctor on Monday. I’m sure he is so happy with me.

We received news that the paperwork for refinancing our home was ready. Signing was set for Friday. Thursday I received a phone call detailing the new financial data. The new payment was higher than I expected, blamed on much higher taxes. Investigating, I learned that the title company was responsible for calculating the tax. Luckily, we had received the first real estate tax bill due in March. We don’t have a fax machine, but the accounting office in our neighborhood was able to fax the document to the adjuster. Working overtime, he was able to solve the problem, coming up with a better total. When the notary came with the papers to sign, I asked if she had the corrected documents. There still was a problem. Luckily a phone call and our computer and printer, provided the corrected paperwork.

One more “T”.  I mentioned that I decided to look for boots of my own. I found some on sale, even if they are size 11, rather than share my son’s size 10. It is a good thing that I did. Outside on Thursday, after the ice, rain, snow mix — our son’s socks got wet. His boots went to recycling the next morning. I offered to share my new ones.

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