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My youngest daughter invited me to go to a woman’s retreat held in Lake Geneva. This was the name of the retreat and no surprise — it really reflects my life.

The day after I arrived home, I thought about how deeply rooted I am in many things. How often this summer I have used the expression “my roots go deep.” Specifically about our time at Woodhaven and our intention to rebuild after the destruction of the tornado on 6/22/15 — we have camped there more than 40 years.

I spent some time thinking about where I’m deeply rooted and the first idea that came to mind was that I’m DEEPLY ROOTED in GOD! I wondered when that root first began and realized that a portion of it is inherited — the Swedish part of my family is Christian. In order to marry my mother, my father converted to Catholicism and I have attended religious schools throughout my life.

Surviving the fire, I must have felt that God had a plan for me — I was still here. Growing up I don’t remember having a firm belief — so I questioned when I first noticed that my roots had grown. That lead me to the Fall Festival at Woodhaven when I was instrumental in saving the life of my neighbor. (Full story is in my book Journey with Me.) Returning to the camper on my scooter I looked at the time line of the day and realized that I was at the right place at the right time to be of assistance and I was HONORED. Life might have been different if I was upset at being used. I might not have noticed the time line — but I did!

Fast forward a few years — Christ Renews His Church — I attended a weekend in March and was involved in hosting a new weekend in October. I wanted to give a personal card to the women attending. My plan was to draw a scene on paper, using colored pencils. I needed a scripture to be on the front page. I brought a stack of books to the camper and planned to find something. I DIDN’T NEED THEM! On my morning three mile walk — walking past Sunset Lake — this phrase surfaced in my mind. LORD, AS LONG AS YOU ARE WITH ME — I’M NOT ALONE. What better saying than that to put on a card? What a GIFT!

Fast forward again, walking down a main street near our home, I felt my feet root into the ground. We had been discussing putting our house up for sale and moving. Feeling my feet root was a new experience for me — I get hit on the head but that is the extent of it. I realized that I had been giving direction — stay, don’t move. I knew that wouldn’t make my husband happy.

DEEPLY ROOTED — in God, my family, friends, our house and neighborhood, Woodhaven. I guess I am!


I’m always on the look out for new books that might be enjoyable to read. I LOVE a good mystery, I’m not really into romance or science fiction. I won’t mention how many cookbooks are in my collection and it is still growing. Self-help is one of my interests and of course — spiritual books — angels, heaven.

Recently a bargain book at the store — When God Winks At You — caught my eye, written by Squire Rushnell. It was published in 2006 so it wasn’t a new book. I know that I’m more aware of help from the other side but I’m always ready for new ideas.

I read a story told by Tim Conway of how he went to a carnival when he was a boy and tried to win a cross at a booth. Each chance cost a dime. He only had three dimes, tried but didn’t win. Leaving the carnival, he found a dime. He stopped and prayed that he would win the cross before giving the dime to the man. He pulled up the duck with the number one which won the cross. The story said that he kept the cross until he went to college. Who knows, even though he is now rich and famous, he might still have it today.

Of course, I enjoy watching Tim Conway. I liked the story so I shared it with my daughter in Florida. She in turn told me a story which I had forgotten. When her son was four, he was really into Poke-E-Mon. I had no idea what that was when he asked for it for Christmas. He was at a store that had a Poke-E-Mon prize in the vending machine. He asked his mom if he could have it. She told him that he could only take one try, if he didn’t win, that was it. She said he dropped to his knees, bowed his head and prayed. Got up, put the money in the machine and won the prize. She was amazed.

And I’m sure that she told me the story. But time has passed, he is twenty now and I forgot the story. But last Christmas we were in China town and I saw a Poke-E-Mon bank. Guess what my grandson got for Christmas.

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