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It was a busy summer, which is putting it mildly. Because of the tornado and our granddaughter’s wedding and normal life, we visited our home on an irregular basis. We were home only long enough to pay bills, wash clothes, unpack and pack again. Usually we were at home base for only three to four days before we were gone again. And the constant travel has caught up with me.

Shopping at a store, shoes that were very comfortable began to hurt. If I was smart, I would have taken them off and walked barefoot through the store or cut my shopping short. I did neither and although I switched shoes as soon as I arrived home, the damage was done. Somehow I must have walked on the side of my foot and that area is SORE. I have tried walking in stockings at home, putting shoes on for dog walks and other outside excursions. I tried cushions on the foot — corn, bunion, — but my compression socks make it hard to put them, they curl and don’t lie flat. Sadly, although better, the soreness isn’t gone yet. When we were in the country, I averaged over 10,000 steps a day. Since then, my step count is in the 7,000 range. My sore shoulder had caused me to stop exercising, now the sore foot is causing me to stop walking. My weight which wasn’t good has increased.

I noticed that my eyes were watering more. It had been very windy and I don’t always wear glasses when I’m out and about. I don’t know if I’ve got a cold in my eye or if something else is going on. Years ago, I used a solution of Boric acid as an eye wash. In the stores, I found an eye wash solution that contained that product. It helped for a short time but then I went out again on a windy day without glasses.

At first I thought I had an allergic reaction to something when my hands started to itch. Then the itch started to travel — hair, ears, shoulder, back — etc. I put hydrocortisone cream on my hands to stop the itch but I can’t put it on my whole body. Various teas have helped but it the itch is still here.

I decided that I would stop taking all my vitamins and drink more water, trying to flush out what ever it was that was aggravating my system. Stopping taking the vitamins WAS NOT a good idea. After two days, cramps in my leg reminded me that I was low on magnesium. Vitamins are back. Itch remains.

My daughter suggested that it might be hives. Maybe it is a new variety. When I’ve gotten hives before they were raised bumps in various areas that I could treat with cream. This itch travels.

If it is nerves, hopefully staying in one place will allow my body to relax. My frog fountain has been cleaned and is operational again. I like listening to the falling water when the house is quiet. I have confidence that I will have the time to get rid of the pile of mail on the table.

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