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I have to admit that I don’t always understand. If I’m honest, I’d have to admit that I seldom understand. But sometimes what happens leaves me completely confused. Before I have you completely confused, let me tell you what happened.

I attended the Body Mind Spirit Expo this weekend. During the event, I learned an acquaintance was celebrating her birthday the following day. I decided to send her a copy of GRANDMOTHER, which hadn’t published yet. One thing lead to another. I remembered that a friend from school was celebrating her birthday this week too and decided to send GRANDMOTHER to her also. It would probably be lovely if I had signed up at Blue Mountain to use their cards but so far, that hasn’t happened yet.

I had been off line for a few days and my e-mail had accumulated. In the process of deleting a lot of sale ads, I noticed an e-mail from my friend. She tried to access my blog without success. Was I still writing? I have to admit that I was concerned and tried to access my blog as if I was a stranger. I had no problem — I connected immediately.

Relieved, I sent her another e-mail. As I wrote the second e-mail, GRANDMOTHER appeared AGAIN???? I don’t know how that happened or why, some of my questions are not answered. But the good news is I received another subject to write about.

I had a lovely time at the Expo although I will admit that I was very tired the first day. We had just returned from our youngest daughters and I don’t travel as well as I used too. Of course if we have been away for more than a few days, I have a lot of work to catch up on.

One of the workshops I attended concerned using essential oils on animals. The presenter was very good and I came away with a lot of information that might help us with Robin. The presenter told me that Robin was a Diva. I can truthfully report that that information didn’t surprise me. When I told her that I thought Robin was a service dog, she replied that Robin senses the change in energy.

Robin sensed the change in the atmosphere today. The wind was blowing, freezing rain and snow. Her appetite was gone. She didn’t want to eat. I don’t know if she was frightened or stressed. She was very alert. Someday I might pay more attention to the weather and hold off breakfast or supper until the system passes. I didn’t think of using an essential oil to help. Maybe I will next time. Although we have had many dogs, Robin is definitely unique.

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