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Step by step : First step — my husband made an appointment with an optometrist, his eyes were burning and tearing when he read for a long time. He learned that he needed glasses, that although he had cataracts they weren’t too bad and his retina was disintegrating. Eye sight is important — you don’t want to lose it.

Second step — we made an appointment with our primary doctor. We learned that my husband’s blood sugar over a three month period was still too high, an adjustment to his insulin was needed. Thankfully, his diabetes hadn’t affected his eyes. We also received a referral to a Retina specialist. I learned after an examination, that our doctor determined that the pain in my back was probably caused by a muscle. Another incentive to lose weight.

Third step — I made an appointment with the retina specialist. On a shopping trip we located the Dr.’s office so we wouldn’t get lost. We left early enough to arrive ahead of time, in case there was paperwork to fill out.

Fourth step — we located the doctor’s office on the building sign and determined it was on the third floor. We pressed the elevator for up, when it arrived — we pressed the button for the third floor. We descended into the basement. We pressed the button for the third floor. We stopped at one. We pressed the button for the third floor. We DESCENDED to the basement. We pressed the button for the third floor, we ascended to the fourth. When the elevator door opened, WE GOT OFF AND WALKED DOWN A FLIGHT OF STAIRS. Arriving at office 333, the sign on the door read Diamond Health services. ??? The person at the desk said the doctor had relocated and took us down to the building rental office via elevator. We learned the doctor relocated two years ago — to Oakbrook. ?? We had been early, but Oakbrook was easily a 45 minute drive. There is no way we would have arrived close to the time of his appointment.

Thankfully I had brought the information our primary doctor had given us that had the phone number on it. When I phoned, I learned that they had relocated to a hospital that was only a fifteen minute drive from our location. I knew exactly where the hospital was since the vascular surgeon that had healed my leg was located there. We exited the building by WALKING DOWN the stairs.

Last step — after an examination, the doctor determined that my husband didn’t need treatment for his retina at this time. We have another appointment in six months. NEXT TIME we are going to a new doctor, I WILL TRY TO REMEMBER to confirm the address.

Was the elevator possessed or was it only trying to tell us we were at the wrong place? Good question — no answer.

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