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I usually DO NOT find money outside. Maybe an occasional penny ever once in a while. A penny reminds me of the song “Pennies From Heaven.” It also reminds me IN GOD WE TRUST! Recently, on three separate occasions I have found a dime. The dime didn’t ring any bells, remind me of something special until this morning — awakening from sleep I remembered instructions from my youth — keep a dime in your pocket so you can call home. Now I’ve read in various articles how nickels and dimes have been used by those on a higher plain to remind those on earth that their loved one is with them. “My friends in high places” don’t normally use that method.

When I was young, I used a dime to board a bus and travel the city. Prices have increased and the world is no longer as safe. There is no way in the world that I would allow my child or grandchild to ride a bus, by themselves, at the age of six or seven like I did.

This morning my husband had a dream in which one of our friends who passed over was leading a whole line of people down a trail, humming as he walked. My husband watched from a distance, he was not one of the group. I’m hopeful that my husband has more work to do on this side before he goes “home.” I have enough friends on the other side, I need some to stay here.

One of our neighbors is critically ill. We just received word that our daughter’s father-in-law is in the hospital. Are either one of them waiting to join the line? Good question, no answer.

Phone home! Or did I receive the call? The first dime I found in Jacksonville, Fl. It was very thin, so thin, I didn’t think it was a dime. An older, thin gentleman crossed the road when I spoke to him as I took our daughter’s dog for a walk. Dogs were barking in the background and I ended up telling a story of how I saw my son’s dog, Shanae, run through the house after we sent her home. The complete story is in JOURNEY WITH ME!. The gentleman had just sent one of the four footed members of his family home.

The second dime found was on the way to the Post Office, after we came back home. I was walking to mail photos of my great grand daughter and family to Florida. I LIKE hard copies, regular photos that are not on a disk.

Sad to say, I don’t remember when the third dime came into my possession. Although, this week I have had billing concerns to deal with — three to be exact. The first — our electric bill for the camper and home was mixed up. The person I spoke to COULD NOT straighten out the mess. We haven’t begun to pay bills on line, her suggestion DID NOT help me. Two days later, visiting the doctor’s office, I learned that we had not received bills for five visits to the doctor. Two were from previous years. ?? To say I wasn’t pleased is an understatement. Finally, I went to pick up a prescription for my husband only to learn that there was no insurance on file. Luckily they were able to straighten the matter out and save us two hundred dollars. Was that the message of the third dime? At least that was the third billing mix-up. Hopefully we are done now.

I’m often reminded to pay attention. I try but I don’t always understand the message behind the words.


I’ve read that we dream every night. I suppose that I do, but most of the time I don’t remember them. Sometimes I wake very tired, and decide that I must have been VERY busy while I was asleep. Then there are a few that stay with me when I wake. Sometimes, they are very good dreams, puzzling sometimes — I don’t know what they mean. Or they are normal dreams — but they must have some message because they stay with me. Then there are those that are troubling, that wake me — glad that I’m safe, that it was just a dream.

I had one of those troubling dreams Tuesday night. Dark storm clouds roared in — I wasn’t home and wanted to make sure my family and pets were okay. I returned to the place we were staying and got everyone inside. That is when I noticed the building next door had been on fire, charred wood rubbed against our window.

Dangerous storm, charred wood — definitely woke me from my sleep. It took a few minutes before I realized it was a dream, we were safe. Then I went downstairs. I noticed a red light on our dishwasher — it was still on, even though I started the dishes at 7:00 P.M. As I approached, I felt heat coming from the unit. I had a hard time shutting it off. It wanted to keep running. Opening the door, I noticed the soap had not dispensed, there was no water in the tub. Somehow the heat turned on, and remained on for more than eleven hours. Everything inside was too hot to touch. Luckily we rinse our dishes, so I didn’t have a lot of food that was baked on. The dishwasher was loaded, everything needed to be hand washed and soaked to a)cool off, and b) loosen any food that had baked on. The edge of a cutting board melted, our son’s round glasses were now oval.

At 7:00 AM, I phoned a repair shop and was surprised when someone answered the phone. The technician arrived by 10. But the news was not good. Our dishwasher was more than 10 years old. He determined that the problem was the timing mechanism, which opened the soap, turned on the water, etc., in other words — ran the program. Next piece of bad news, he didn’t have one, it would need to be special ordered. The total cost of parts and labor was over $400.

We are celebrating Christmas at our house on the 22nd. I NEEDED a working dishwasher. I DIDN’T WANT TO WASH ALL THE DISHES BY HAND. I remembered washing holiday dishes for hours in my grandmother’s kitchen when I was a child. Her kitchen was twice as big as mine.  I wasn’t sure spending $400 on an older one was a wise move.

I considered buying the same brand that had given us good service for more than ten years. I like to support our local businesses when I can.  When I called our local appliance dealer, he said that was the last brand he would buy at this time, the company had been sold, the product was being made in Mexico and requiring more service calls than normal.

He had a dishwasher that would fit our needs, which was delivered and installed today.

Black, heavy storm clouds, burnt wood — definitely a warning. I’m glad we didn’t actually have a fire. I will admit that it was not the way I would have spent money two weeks before Christmas. But I’m spoiled! I like having an automatic dishwasher.

My “friends in high places” get excited around Christmas. They are always happy to help.

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