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When I think of genetics, I think of chromosomes and DNA. Who did I get my hair color from? Who in my family had blue eyes? We inherit many more things from our ancestors than hair color, height, and skin color. In recent years we have learned that being susceptible to cancer or heart disease is also in our genes.

I knew that one of my uncles was a talented painter, and then learned that a relative in Sweden also was an accomplished painter. I received a chapter of a book written by my great-grandfather. He was also interested in healing herbs. When I published my first book, I learned that a cousin (who I’ve never met) is an accomplished writer. More than health and talents are inherited.

The years pass, and I admitted to myself that I walk to a different drummer. When I was young, anyone with psychic talents was suspected of being unbalanced or touched in the head. I don’t know what talents I had when I was young. If I heard voices in my head, I probably told them to shut up! It wasn’t safe to be different. As a result, “my friends” in high places nor God speak to me.

As the years passed, I shared with my family the unusual things that happen to me. Being psychic is no longer unsafe. My children have different talents that they have accepted. I’m not sure which side of my family they come from — father, mother — maybe both. And is it important?

So why am I going on and on about this? I asked my daughter if I could share a conversation she had with God. He woke her up from a sound sleep to speak to her.

She was going through a rough spell. Words were flying back and forth, hurtful words that she couldn’t shed. The rough water continued for days, spilled into the next week. She felt like she was drowning. She could not start each day fresh. She was carrying all the darts and arrows and pain with her. They were not only affecting her mood but also her health. After many days in turmoil, in the middle of the night she was awakened by God. The conversation lasted a few minutes. She shared the important part — He told her that when He forgives, it is all forgiven, all washed away, nothing remains. She needs to follow His example. She needs to forgive the same way — completely!

I will admit that as far as I can remember I haven’t had a conversation with God. I know it has happened to others, just not to me — yet. But I thought her conversation needed to be shared. How often do you forgive but hold onto a piece to remember? Can we forgive completely? My daughter’s conversation with God helped her. Will it help you?

Happy Valentines day!

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