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There are many stories in which people find nickels or dimes as signs that a loved one who has passed is with them. I’ll admit that has occasionally happened to me. I’ll also admit that I seldom find money when I’m out and about. My eyes are usually focused on people, dogs, flowers, birds, trees etc. If the pavement is icy, I’ll pay more attention to where I’m walking. Although the temperature had a wind chill below zero, the pavement was dry. So why was I excited? Why am I sharing?

Often when I receive a response or find money, I’m storming heaven about something or I’ m very worried. I remember once I either was storming heaven or pleading my case, when a group of crows cawed three times. I don’t remember what I was doing, other than walking, that caused their response. That occurred many years ago, but it made an impression. That year I had read that crows were a spiritual sign from the CREATOR. I do know that I was grateful for the response.

So why am I sharing the news that I found a dime? If you have read many of my thought rambles, you know that I am aware that I walk to a different drummer. You know that I am aware that I have “friends in high places.” I will also admit that on a daily basis, I’m seldom aware of “their HELP.” At the same time, maybe I walk with more “awareness.” I don’t like getting hit on the head.

In any case, I’m extremely worried about a friend of mine. She fell a month ago and fractured a hip. She had surgery almost immediately but instead of recovering she is still in a great deal of pain. Instead of being released from the hospital and continuing a very busy life she is confined in a nursing home. And she is not happy, possibly depressed. My Life this month is EXTREMELY BUSY. My husband and his health is occupying most of my life. I have not been able to call or visit like I would like to. She was moved to another room and I didn’t have her new phone number. Thankfully her husband had it and I phoned her. I was very concerned when I hung up. Walking Robin, I sent up an SOS to heaven on her behalf. The SOS might have been for a short time or rather lengthy — I don’t remember. What I do remember is that looking down, I saw a dime. When I was young (a long, long time ago) a dime paid for a phone call or a ride on the bus. Does the dime indicate that the call was received? Does the dime indicate that I should continue to storm heaven on her behalf? Your guess is as good as mine but I was HAPPY to see the dime.

Of course, I will be VERY HAPPY if they find out what is causing her pain and she is able to quickly recover.

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