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The weather forecast warned of temperatures in the 90’s, high humidity and a triple digit heat index. We were at the camper with our grandchildren who provided plenty of activity, leaving no energy to spare for formal exercise. But they had  gone home. I had not been able to do formal exercise for a few days. Although I have lost weight on the Fast Metabolism diet, I still have a LONG WAY to go. I had planned to take a week or two off of the plan but my husband suggested that I stay the course.  “Your doing good, why stop now?” And I had to admit that he was right.

I also have to admit that except for a few wrinkles —  no potatoes or wine for example, I have adjusted my eating to follow the guidelines. Exercise is part of the plan. I planned to exercise after our grandkids went home but you see I have “friends in high places” who are concerned for my well fare. It was VERY EARLY in the morning, 5:00 to be exact when the crows woke me from a sound sleep. I had NO intention of getting up, except the racket outside didn’t allow me to go back to sleep. I don’t know how many crows had gathered. There were many voices, each with his own opinion which was stated LOUDLY. A few times, they tried to out caw each other, getting their points across. Many years ago, I read that black birds are a symbol of the Divine. Whether they are or not, they succeeded in getting me up. The temperature was already 75 degrees.

The eating plan requires breakfast within a half hour of waking. I had my breakfast and changed into exercise clothes. We don’t have air conditioning in our camper. The trailer itself has a unit but it doesn’t cool off our whole area so we use ceiling fans. By the time I finished with the exercise I was drenched, and the outside temperature had already risen a degree or two.  I will admit that I was happy I got an early start but I have put in my request to be able to sleep until 6:00.

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