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Once again I’m trying to find our house. Time spent at the camper last summer didn’t allow me the time or the energy to keep up with many things. When we came home, I did the necessary things — paid bills, washed clothes, shopped for food. Most of the mail stayed on the table unless it was important. Don’t laugh when I write that I think I left my energy and possibly my mind in the country.

Recently I have taken the time to look at my cookbooks. They have overflowed their shelves and are piled in many places. I’m trying to shift through, eliminate some and make room for the new. I’m reminded at how much has changed. I found two books that where covered in dust — evidently not used in many years. They were both French cooking. I don’t ever remember making a recipe from either — they are going on to new homes. Not that I’m getting rid of my French style cookbooks — I still have two Julia Child, one Jacques Pepin and a huge, table sized book starring both chefs. Going through the books, I’m reminded of many changes in my life. Once upon a time I used to preserve food — I have many books on canning. I don’t know if I will ever use them again but I’m not ready to part with them either.

Weight loss is another subject that is well represented. Then I find all the books that are concerned with sodium and cholesterol. Nutritional information became an issue. I started adding more vegetables to my diet. We purchased a microwave and I had to learn a new style of cooking. More equipment joined our kitchen — a food processor, a wok, a clay pot, a crockpot, an electric grill, and a bread machine. Of course, there are cookbooks for each among my stash.

Recently I’ve been able to part with the electric grill, seldom used — they have grill pans now — much easier to clean. I still have my George Forman grill but seldom use it. Cleaning is the issue. I have sent my wok onto a new home — I use a large fry pan that fits beautifully on our stove without my upsetting its balance.

I have just begun the search through the books. Who knows what else I will find.

Time passes quickly — my father has been gone over twenty years. Today is his birthday. I recently bought a Fitbit Charger Hr. My old pedometer kept falling off. I was afraid I would lose it, then it stopped working. The Fitbit vibrates when I have walked over ten thousand steps. It also tracks the amount of sleep I get. Last night was only 5 hours — no wonder I’m tired.

About 9:30 PM, I glanced at the number of steps I had walked. The total was 9,930. The gauntlet was thrown down. Would I stay at that number of steps or reach 10,000? What do you think? Happy birthday Dad!

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