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I had (past tense) a magnetic bracelet which used magnets to close. I wore it everyday to help my trigger finger work properly. Putting clothes away in the back bedroom closet — I felt the bracelet leave my arm. I searched the areas where I felt it leave — no luck. I pulled all the clothes out of the closet — 2 times — I was sure I would find it. WRONG! I removed everything that was resting on the floor boards, hoping to find the bracelet –still hiding.

Now I will have to admit that I don’t give in easily. It dawned on me that the bracelet could be attached to a hanger — after all it is magnetic. Just looking at the hangers did not release the bracelet. I decided that I could remove the clothes and wash them, taking the hangers out too — maybe find the bracelet but at least have the clothes ready to wear — I didn’t realize how many clothes I had.

I started with the lighter clothes, leaving the darker clothes hanging. When the basket was full to overflowing I stopped. I STILL HAVEN’T FOUND THE HIDING BRACELET.

For a change I separated the clothes into piles rather than just dumping them into the washer randomly. After two wash loads I decided that was enough for one day. The day before I had washed material to make a new seat for the garden swing. The material left stuff all over the drum of the dryer. Thankfully I realized that before I put the first load of clothes into the dryer. The residue was rough, scratchy. I would have had to rewash all the clothes. It would have been worse if the clothes were back in the closet. Wet towels drying for a few minutes cleared the drum.

Question — did I really want to wash the rest of the clothes lying on the basement floor. NO — I WAS TIRED! The next morning — I started the first small load of whites. Some of my long dresses dry hanging up. The last load of clothes consisted of blouses — light in weight. I decided to wash them on gentle. As I prepared to put all of the tops in the dryer, I looked at a label — wash by hand — hang dry. OOPS! Most of the clothes had the same instructions. Would the dryer have hurt them? Would they have shrunk? Thankfully I won’t have to answer that question. Thankfully, I have “friends in high places” that help when my mind is taking a break. They must like my bracelet because I still haven’t found it.

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