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When I was in second or third grade, many, many years ago I experienced chiggers for the first time. I wish I could say it was the last time.

I was staying with my maternal grandmother in Wisconsin for the summer and we hiked to pick gooseberries. I remember we had rags around our ankles to discourage insect bites. It DIDN’T WORK!
Because of the fire when I was four, my skin was very sensitive and I had to avoid the sunshine or make sure that long sleeve shirts and pants protected the scarred areas of my body. The chiggers didn’t know I had skin issues. They avoided the deterrent and feasted. I don’t know what areas of my body were invaded. I don’t remember what was used to stop the itch — possibly ammonia. I remember it itched, and hurt and my father was furious.

So why am I going on and on about something that occurred more than 50 years ago. Maybe 60 but who is counting? BECAUSE I WAS REINTRODUCED TO THE AGGREVATING INSECTS THIS SUMMER. I had no idea what had attacked my body. I just knew I had more than eleven bites and they itched. NOTHING I put on them stopped the itch. I had no idea what had happened, or where the bites came from. We had just arrived at our daughters in Central Illinois when I noticed I had a PROBLEM. I raided her shelves for itch stopping stuff with no success. For some reason that night I remembered my battle with chiggers when I was young and wondered what we put on it but one and one DID NOT make two.

Saturday morning I remembered the apothecary in my daughter’s town and stopped in for a visit. When I explained my problem, I learned not only that it was chiggers but a remedy to stop the itch was available. The remedy was EXTREMELY IMPORTANT since we had come to watch our granddaughter in a dancing recital that would last more than two hours. The person at the apothecary didn’t have the stuff but she suggested Wal-Mart would have the chigger aid. Thankfully they did. Even though the directions said to put it on every three to four hours, I ignored the directions and was able to enjoy my granddaughter’s dance.

I learned that chiggers crawl up to the spot on the body were there is a band. That explained the 11 plus bites on the right side of my butt.

I had walked Robin at a rest area on our trip south and met the hungry insects. Hopefully I will not have that pleasure(?) again.

Because of our harsh winter, many bugs have had an explosion in population. Gnats were EVERYWHERE at our daughters. SADLY gnats were everywhere at the camper too. My husband sprayed the yard and deck with an insect spray. It didn’t help. While walking Robin I got gnats in my mouth, ears and hair. THEY BITE TOO. I read that apple cider vinegar traps them. I put bowls of it on our deck. I read that softener sheets repels them. I rubbed sheets all over my face and hair when I went outside and stuffed a few in strategic places. Did it help? I’m not sure, but I tried.

I still got a few bites that are still itching. Gnats or mosquitoes? I don’t know but evidently I’m a target for biting insects. I really don’t want to put on insect repellant when I get up. I’ve read that drinking apple cider vinegar helps. I don’t know how much needs to be ingested or if I’m drinking enough to help. Sadly I had stopped my morning and evening tablespoon before our trip. IT IS BACK ON MY SCHEDULE!

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