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I’m often pestered to meditate. Invitations come in many different ways. Sometimes it is on my calendar, through friends or strangers, on the internet. I keep trying to meditate — sometimes it works, often it doesn’t. I have journeyed with Oprah and Deepak Chopra through a 21 day meditation. Maybe that is where this invitation to meditate came from. I was invited by the mentors channel to join them for a 21 day chanting meditation.

Still trying — I joined. Their meditations were different — Deva Premal chanted different mantras each day. Although I enjoyed the chanting, it kept me grounded. Many, if not all were from the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. I have a strong belief that there is one Supreme Being — many different ways to worship. Therefore Buddhist chants were welcome.

I don’t give up quickly. Although I wasn’t able to try each day — life interfered — I finished all 22 days. I will admit that I wasn’t happy with my inability to quiet, to meditate. Many of the chants were long. If I was able to chant along with Deva I might have had more success. I enjoyed her voice, I enjoyed the music. I enjoyed the message behind the mantras. For these reasons I kept returning.

During the time frame of these meditations, our government was considering the actions of Syria when nerve gas was used to kill their countrymen. By the time the meditations ended, Russia had intervened. The crisis was on standby. Then a meeting was set up with another Middle East country. Not necessarily peace, but a start.

I can’t help but wonder if the thousands who had gathered to chant, pray, meditate during this time frame had somehow influenced the outcome of these situations. I’ll never know but anything that helps to bring peace to our troubled world is welcome.

Sadly the meditations have not worked within our own government whose elected officials are not working for the good of the people. By the time this thought ramble is published hopefully our current financial crisis will be solved.

When we leave the camper next week, we will be only home a couple of days before we fly to Florida to meet our new great grand daughter. I try to write thought rambles to publish when we are traveling — with the constraints that it has to be “spirit influenced.” I was mystified this morning. I sent up a prayer for “help!” My prayer was answered. I just didn’t recognize the answer. I received the answer “Magic Prayer” through one of my print sources. I have to admit that I didn’t understand. Thankfully “Spirit” has patience with my inability. During a meditation I thought of the word mantra. This time — thankfully — I got the message.

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