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If there is an explanation for the sequence of events that occurred on the last Tuesday in June, I don’t know what it is. Maybe if I write it down, I can make some sense of it. Or maybe, it will just remain a mystery.

First, my husband had made an appointment to take our car in Tuesday night for repairs. We were in the country, with only one car. Friends who might have helped us had gone home. I thought we could use my son’s black scooter as a second vehicle. My husband could drive it to the garage and I would bring him back in the car. Then he would have a vehicle to drive back to the camper after dropping the car off. It would have worked. EXCEPT, the black scooter refused to start. I called for service on the black scooter.

Next, we learned that there had been a major hacking of the computer systems at some of the hospitals. That wouldn’t affect us because we had no health issues scheduled EXCEPT our cell phones went down. Neither my flip top nor my husbands smart phone had service. We don’t have internet at our trailer. When I went down to a place the internet was available their computer network was not operational either. ??

I have a small blue scooter that was made in 1987. I only ride it at the campground and it doesn’t go fast — but it doesn’t need to. My son DID NOT THINK my husband should ride it on the highway. I walked over to a friends and asked it they would be able to provide taxi service. I was very happy when they agreed.

My husband took my blue scooter for a ride. It shut off five times in a distance of a mile. I called for repair service on my blue scooter.

I was worried that one of our children would try to contact us and be worried when they couldn’t. Thankfully our campground sent out a message that cell phone service was down.

Normally I’m not tied to our cell phone or our computer BUT I had a different feeling when we were shut off. HELPLESS? ABANDONED? Thankfully we didn’t have any major problems at the time.


Do your electronic devices have a mind of their own? I often think that mine do, or are receiving “help” from the other side. When my father passed over, he did not have ANY experience with computers. Because of Alzheimer’s, his memory had eroded to the point where he could not learn anything new. Evidently, on his passing, his well being and mental capacity were completely restored — QUICKLY. The day of his wake, computer problems intensified. My son, a computer programmer, said a bunch of “unseen helpers” were loose at his place of business, having a party. EVERYTHING — computers, printers were having fits. That night, my daughter’s fiancée was trying to work on his college paper at our house. Our computer misbehaved so badly that he gave up. While I was writing TO PAP, WITH LOVE — my printer often jammed and the computer edited my writing, taking out sentences and paragraphs.

Why am I mentioning these things? Purpose – I want to show that I am familiar with “help” from the other side. Recently my cell phone stopped ringing; only vibrating when a phone call came in. I didn’t notice the malfunction right away. In fact, almost three days passed before I became aware of the situation. Now I will admit that I don’t receive many cell phone calls. I was waiting for a return phone call on a repair to our trailer; phone near by so I would hear the ring, when I learned of the problem. We tried everything to fix it with no success. I phoned my children, told them of the problem and asked them to call their father’s phone. We were out in the country, far from a store carrying our cell phone provider. Meanwhile, I debated on the type of phone I wanted to get. My phone is a flip camera phone. It doesn’t have access to the computer or any of the new enhancements. I don’t even text, and I use my camera for pictures — not my phone. Would my phone still be available? Would I want a new smart phone? How much would our bill increase? Good questions — no easy answer.

We were expecting our first great grand-daughter. It was very important to me that we learned of the birth as soon as she was born. Those in my family with newer phones received a text message AND A PICTURE OF THE NEW PRINCESS when she was born. Thankfully they phoned me. The baby’s grandmother phoned about an hour later — but since we were talking rather than texting — I got more details. I won’t bore you.

Another week passed. We were still in the country. I still have a phone that did not ring but I could make calls. I was still undecided as to the phone I wanted to buy. Along came my BIRTHDAY. MY PHONE RANG TWICE — when two of my children called. And it still rings when a phone call comes in.

The weather is beautiful. We are staying another week. I still don’t know if I will replace my phone, or which new one I will choose.

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