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Each morning I start the day by opening the Bible. Most of the time I open to the Old Testament — Isaiah, Sirach or Jeremiah –sometimes the Psalms or The Song of Songs. I rarely open to the New Testament. Depending on the day, month of the year and what is going on in my life or the world, the books and verses are varied. Over the years, I have learned to pay attention when I randomly open to Job or to Daniel — the story of the furnace. I DON’T LIKE seeing either of these readings. They usually mean that trouble is brewing.

Recently I opened the bible to the furnace on two separate occasions. The first time the men were singing praises to God and I thought the problem that was referred to might have been solved. Sadly, we have had trouble with our car -an oil leak — expensive to fix. The next time I opened the Bible to the furnace, the men were walking among the flames. The engine light came on in our car and a broken motor mount was discovered. Our garage had trouble getting the part — our car was in their garage for the snow storm. My husband took the car for its emission test and it passed. Then the yellow engine light came back on. There is a problem with the engine — what is wrong and how expensive it will be to fix remains to be seen. The car is at the garage and they are working on it. We had planned to go to our youngest daughter’s in Central Illinois. The temperature this week is the coldest this year, in fact it might even break records. It looks like we will be postponing our travel until the weather breaks.

We bought our car when my husband retired, many years ago. It has over a hundred thousand miles on the engine. Since we would like to keep it for many more years, we change the oil regularly. Our camper is over a hundred miles from our house, our grandchildren are further down the road in a different direction. It is important that we have a car that is comfortable and dependable.

Last week, I opened the Bible to the preface for the New Testament. When I opened the Bible to the introduction of the New Testament the following day — I wondered if that means the trouble with our car has ended. I really won’t mind.


I need to emphasis that I don’t have first hand experience on this subject. If I visited heaven after the fire when I was four years old, I DON’T REMEMBER. So this ramble is an assumption on my part. Partially from books I have read, speakers I have listened to, and unexplained things that have happened to me.

I have read that when we arrive in heaven, we are met by our loved ones that have crossed over before us. They may be human or pets. And after the person has a chance to adjust to the new space, they begin reacquainting themselves with their home. If it was an unexpected death, I’m sure more time is needed to adjust. If the person who crossed over is elderly, has been ill for a long time, the adjustment might be quicker.

My father sent me a sign within three days of his passing. He might have tried before then but I didn’t receive it. The day of his wake, his education had already begin. The computers at the company my son worked at had so many problems he thought a band of gremlins was loose. Our daughter’s boyfriend had an important class paper to write. He was using our computers which froze, making it impossible to do any work. My father didn’t know how to work a computer when he was alive. Typewriters were all that were in use, type and printing presses did much of the work. His working memory had diminished by the time a computer arrived at our house. My father always LOVED to learn new stuff, I’m sure he was an apt pupil. Since his passing “my friends in high places” often “help” me with my writing.

I was reminded of these instances on Monday night after my neighbor passed over. My computer had issues. Many of the things I tried to do became impossible. I finally gave up. Bright and early Tuesday morning I turned on the computer to see what issues I was facing. No surprise, it worked perfectly. I had writing to do — BURIED TREASURE.

Yesterday was my husband’s 75th birthday. We went to the auto show but didn’t buy a new car. A cable car gave us a ride from the parking lot to the show and I learned that the first auto show in the United States was held in Chicago in 1901 at the Coliseum.

Even when I’m with flesh and blood family or friends, my “spiritual friends” are often along too. I noticed a messenger bag that was given away by State Farm, it had a strap that hung from your shoulder allowing the hands to be free. Our son told me I would have to take a survey. We stopped for a sandwich at the Cafe where I noticed the person in front of me had a State Farm bag. I asked if I could look at it with the intention of getting my own. His wife had a bag too, and I was the happy recipient of their extra bag. Then I spun a chance wheel and won 20 cents off of gasoline.

As I was leaving, the attendant at the woman’s bathroom asked if I enjoyed the show. I shared a few stories and mentioned that we weren’t in the position to buy a new car. She told me that I would win the Lotto, and be able to buy a new car. I would have laughed except I remembered how a friend many years ago told me my words would go around the world.

I love to cook, and enjoy a few cooking shows. At home, exhausted I turned on the television and was most pleased to join a young Emeril Lagasse with Julia Child cooking in New Orleans.

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