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In the city, BEAUTIFUL FALL DAY — blue skies, sunshine, very windy. I went to the Garden. Thankfully I brought the hat my oldest daughter bought for me in Florida. It has a ties that can keep the hat on when the wind blows. I would have lost the hat at least three times. I almost did when I put it back on and forgot to tie it under my chin.

When I left the house, the temperature was in the low 60’s. I wasn’t sure how warm it would be at the Garden so I wore a long sleeve shirt and a hooded vest. Then I tied my jacket around my waist. I had to laugh when I saw my shadow. In fact, it was so silly that I had to take a photo of the strange person walking ahead of me.

It was late in the year but many flowers were in bloom. I LOVE the roses. When I first entered the Garden, a white rose was high lighted. It had a lovely fragrance. And a lovely name — MOONDANCE. I wander the Garden with camera in hand. I must admit that I probably take the same pictures each time I go. That morning, the sunshine on a bush made the leaves look like silver. A closer inspection revealed that the leaves were really green, no silver any where.

I usually follow the same route when I visit. I arrived just as the bells rang out the hour of noon. This time I decided to be good to my knees. I sat down three different times during the ramble. Each time I decided to sit, I paid attention to the wind and picked a sheltered area. I also made sure that I would be able to get back up. The first time, I looked at a sheltered brick open building but decided to sit on a bench and enjoy the fountain and white mums instead. Soon after I sat down, a dad and his little girl wandered to the space. Perfect place for her to play and good photo opportunities. I was glad I picked the bench.

I wandered down a lane that is full of flowers on both sides. In the spring, tulips and poppies hold court. They are replaced by an assortment of summer — fall varieties. They are the favorite hangout of hummingbirds and photographers. A woman stood at the ready, camera in hand. I asked if hummingbirds were still at the Garden. She replied that they had left but she was on the lookout for Monarch butterflies. She had a bigger camera than mine. When I felt the weight, I was very glad that my camera is SMALL and LIGHT. Her camera was a retirement present to herself. She has tremors in her hand and the speed of the camera keeps the tremors from showing.

The waterfall was still flowing. Another opportunity to sit and listen to the falling, singing water. I wandered to the island just as the bells rang the one o’clock hour. I thought I saw mountain mint, it smelled like mountain mint, but I was surprised when the sign read Russian Sage. If I remember, I would like to get a plant or two for our garden in the country.

After stopping for lunch in the cafe, I left the Garden as the bells chimed two o’clock. I was very surprised — my knees DID NOT hurt. I was also very surprised when I learned that I had walked over 12,262 steps.


Once upon a time, many years ago, I read something and not only was I able to understand it, but I remembered what I had read. School and tests were easy. Sadly that was many years ago — when I was much younger. Fast forward a few years, when I was in my forties, I already had trouble remembering what I had read. A class in Junior College brought my inability quickly to my attention. I had to reread a chapter many times before I understood it. I persevered and passed my tests. It was no longer easy.

Fast forward to the present time. I’M IN TROUBLE! I’m always asked what gift I would like for Christmas or my birthday or our anniversary by my family. I never have an answer. Until this year. I went to join the group for coffee when we were still at our campground — they talked about a new camera that not only took fantastic pictures but was able to upload pictures and video to the internet. Before I learned about this camera, I tried to print a video onto a DVD at Costco. Only to learn that the process was no longer available when pictures were copied onto a disk. In order to capture a film, the cost was $17.99 — maybe not too much but rather expensive for a 2 minute film.

I have to admit that I mentioned the camera without researching it. Christmas came early this year since I’m now in possession of this extremely smart camera. The recipient, on the other hand, is NOT extremely smart. My husband downloaded the manual off of the computer since he knows I have trouble reading things on the computer — all 170 pages. He placed them in a binder so I would have handy reference. And I have begun the process of learning to operate its many features. After the first hour, I had barely made it out of the basic functions. My brain was tired or my eyes — I don’t know which for sure. I put the camera up.

Evidently I learned enough to be able to take a video complete with sound of my husband battling our granddaughter with light wands. She won — she is fearless. The video is priceless — he doesn’t always get involved with the antics. Not only do I want to share it, but saving it is also a priority. Needless to say I don’t know how to do either. Nor do I have a smart phone. One challenge at a time.

Another hour devoted to the camera today. I had to go back over previous pages to try to understand the icons. I made it all the way to functions before learning stopped. At this rate I might be ready to take pictures in a few years. I don’t know if I will ever be able to master all the features this camera has. Although it isn’t winter yet, it is cold outside. I see excursions to the conservatory and museums in my future.

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