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Thankfully I have “FRIENDS IN HIGH PLACES.” I really don’t have a special reason for saying that. I often recognize their help. Recent examples — our sons shirts missing, causing him to stay home and miss Robin’s quest — my parking place at the Garden. The title of this ramble more or less says it all.

I recently recognized what “my elephant in the room” was. Last Fall, the money that supplements our health insurance from my husband’s company ended. I knew it was running out, but wasn’t aware of the time. At the same time, my husband entered the GAP for his prescriptions. Because of kidney damage, one of my husband’s pills is EXTREMELY HIGH!

I wasn’t prepared. This year our health insurance has gone up too. To say that I’m being careful would be an understatement. I just wasn’t aware of what was causing my anxiety.

What does that have to do with baskets you might ask. Since we spend a good part of our summer at the camper, I wasn’t sure how many hanging baskets or flowers I wanted to buy for the city. I saw the prices for hanging baskets and wasn’t impressed — $21. I usually buy at least four or five. I can easily see them, and not have to get down on the ground to plant them. Wal-Mart had baskets at $12 but they didn’t look that great. Four at $12 a piece was more money than I wanted to spend.

THANKFULLY I HAVE FRIENDS. I had already been shopping for food at another store, but I decided to stop at Aldi’s to see if they had any flowers. I didn’t take in a cart because I wasn’t planning on grocery shopping. I found hanging baskets marked down in price to $3 a piece. They looked very sad but I found three begonias that I thought would survive. Begonias like the shade, which is mostly what our yard has. The rest of the hanging baskets were filled with sun loving plants. Yard didn’t look quite as sad.

The next day, I attended the Mass of a friend. She was well known and the Mass was packed! I had taken our car to church instead of walking. Parking had been impossible — street cleaning, construction and the funeral combined. Walking back to our car, I remembered that our son said we needed bleach. I decided to go to the Aldi’s in our neighborhood. I FOUND a beautiful hanging geranium plant for $10. MINE! And it was the last one. When I placed the hanging baskets in our yard the previous day, I remembered that we always had a geranium basket hanging when we first entered. Thankfully, now we had one this year as well!

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