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I’m not sure compromised was the word the doctor used describing my legs when he strongly suggested that I give myself shots before flying to Hawaii. I know it was a “c” word — the word didn’t stick. Compromised will have to do. I said I always take an aspirin before flying, he replied that was a glass of water compared to a strong highball. He won, I will give myself a shot before getting on the plane, and another shot 24 hours later, and another 24 hours later and repeat the process coming home. The shot is a strong blood thinner — I really don’t need to get a blood clot. I will get up and walk down the aisles, it is an eight hour flight.  I will make sure that I stay hydrated. I will be a good girl and wear my compression stockings. I DO NOT WANT ANOTHER ULCER!! Walking on the beach, going in the water, I’m ready.

Even if I lost weight, which sadly isn’t happening — the veins in my legs have gone through the war and they won’t return to their youthful vigor.  Taking stock — my energy level is rising. I don’t need a nap mid morning, sometimes I can make it through the whole afternoon. We won’t discuss how early I’m falling asleep at night though, and of course, by now you know that “my friends” thought better at 4:00 AM.  (Now they aren’t restricted by time.) I still haven’t convinced them that I DO NOT.

I told my doctor that I wasn’t able to meditate during the 21 day challenge with Deepak and Oprah. He replied that I ‘m too stubborn. He only met me in January and he already knows.

And I will use that stubbornness to my advantage. I will continue to exercise, try to eat healthy and continue to try to lose weight.  Maybe, just maybe, my weight will decrease. And I’m confident “my friends” will continue “to Help” when needed.

When I wrote To Pap With Love, and Journey with Me, I had “help from my friends”. Sentences would disappear and other interesting things occurred when what I wrote didn’t measure up. Evidently they didn’t like what I just wrote. Four paragraphs gone! I was detailing the events of the last four days, my younger grandchildren were in town. I “saved” the writing. The save didn’t work so I cancelled it and the whole added paragraphs disappeared.

Much of my life is meant to be private and I guess that includes the last four days. Rather than try to rewrite, I’ll just say that I had enough energy to wander through the Peggy Norbert Nature Museum, the Shedd aquarium and Garfield conservatory. I have a sore foot because I wore new shoes, but I was able to do it. PROGRESS!


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