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I was curious — how long ago was I at this weight? Looking back at my calendars, I tracked the low weight back to the summer of 2011. I knew that I had been trying for a very long time to lose some of my excess weight with no success. I’ve tried various diet options — tea, protein drinks, exercise etc. — the weight stayed with me or increased a trifle.

Therefore this current weight loss has made me very happy, hoping that it will continue — I have one more week of the set to go, and a bit scared that the weight will rebound.  Another pound lost, more looking back I discovered that I have been at this weight before and then regained the weight again. Life happened! Life will continue to happen! Hopefully this time I will be alert and catch the slight incline before it becomes major.

My “friends in high places” are beginning to nudge. WRITE — an article in the newspapers caught my eye written by an experienced author who has watched the world of publishing change. Now the author has more responsibility to promote the story. Watching television, I caught a story of a couple that is self publishing, earning thousands of dollars. Their field is sexy romance books. They won’t have any competition from me. My imagination is still asleep. Then a friend asked if I was starting a new book. ?? Hmm! Let’s not forget jury duty, the novena to St. Anthony. This morning I read a new article, different author — nudge, nudge.

NUDGE — “You used to paint! So you’ll never be famous, does it matter? You had fun, you expressed yourself.” Painting has risen to the forefront again. Downtown at Macy’s, the fashion designers who used art from the art institute for inspiration, the recent art faire at Botanical Garden. It is summer, art fairs are EVERYWHERE! I don’t think I’ve had an artist paint brush in my hand in over a year.

We are heading to the camper. More rain is predicted. Maybe I will take my paints and a few small canvases. I will take my computer and hopefully WRITE, nothing serious,  just a few thought rambles. Both will distract me from nibbling. A day seldom passes without some interaction with “my friends in high places.”  Unless the interaction really makes an impression, I’ve forgotten the details when I sit down to write.

NUDGE: Every year at the Mind, Body, Spirit expo I have admired the scarves with coins that are used in belly dancing. Every year, I look at the workmanship, the price and put the item back on the rack. This year when we were at the International Market in Oahu, a coin scarf caught my eye, it was the last one, it was affordable, it came home with me! When I arrived home, I looked through my VCR tapes and DVD’S without success. I thought I had a belly dancing tape. I WAS WRONG! But not for long. On a recent shopping trip, looking for an exercise DVD for my food program, I found a belly dancing workout. The coins don’t jingle too much — but I’m sure with practice I will add my own music to the dance. Losing a few pounds, the scarf FITS!

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