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I’ve mentioned that I’m a pack-rat. It is a part of my personality that I’m totally aware of. I’m trying to get rid of some of the clutter — books not read, clothes not worn, stuff not used, paper and notes waiting attention.

When someone in the house is ill, it doesn’t matter how much care is taken to keep the germs isolated — members of the household often share the bug. I’m sharing my husband’s. I know that my immune system hasn’t recovered from this winter’s illness. It doesn’t help that we have had a week of cool and damp temperatures. It doesn’t help that I have walked our dog, Robin, many times in the drizzle. It doesn’t help that my mood is on the darker side. Once again I’m fighting a cough.

I’ll admit that my energy LEFT! I wanted to accomplish SOMETHING for the day so I decided to attack a pile of paper that has lived on our bookcase for too long. As a matter of fact it fell all over the floor twice in the last couple of days. (Was someone trying to tell me something?)

A couple of handfuls of envelopes, notes, pictures and other stuff joined me on the table. I found four pages of notes I took at the Body, Mind, Spirit Expo a few seasons ago. The notes concerned the importance of my writing on the blog. Now to my defense — even though I have trouble coming up with a title — I try to have something of merit publish once a week. Hopefully it is helpful to you.

I found a card from my cousin in Sweden with a postcard of the boat my great-grandfather took to America. He also sent in another letter a copy of my grandmother’s birth certificate. It reminded me of the chapter of my great grandfather’s book that he translated and sent to me. I now trace many of my talents to the Swedish side of my family.

I found a letter and picture of my mother’s brother — and a note of how changing to a vegetarian diet has prolonged his life. He has had multiple bi-pass surgery’s because of clogged arteries. For a short time, battling high cholesterol, I tried a vegetarian diet. My triglycerides went through the roof — didn’t help my cholesterol either. Evidently my body needs animal protein. Many of my cookbooks are low sodium, low cholesterol. Because of health issues, I limit my sodium intake to less than what is recommended — that might be making a difference to my health. Time will tell.

I found a card from a friend which contained along with a note, a memorial card from a friend’s passing. We were traveling, unable to attend the wake.

I also found many letters and pieces of paper that no longer need to be saved. Those that have value to me have been moved to a safer place. I just hope I remember where that is. The rest has either met the shredder or tossed for recycling.

This blog will publish Memorial weekend. Remembering my family and friends, alive and those on the other side is important. Not only on this weekend but throughout the year.

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