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Sadly my eyes are showing their age too. I received hints that I couldn’t see as far clearly but I ignored the hints. The face of the priest celebrating the Mass at church wasn’t as clear but I didn’t notice a difference in my sight when driving. That is until I drove a long distance and my eyes kept watering. I found distant glasses in an old purse that were prescribed a few years ago which I preferred not to wear. They work fine for driving now. Then I noticed my eyes watered when I was reading. I made an appointment to get my eyes checked.

No surprise — I needed new glasses for reading too. Since I don’t wear glasses all the time, I just got a new pair of glasses for reading. My first solo shopping trip, I wore my glasses for driving. I remembered to take them off and exchanged them for my new reading glasses — and got dizzy. My vision navigating the store was definitely affected. I wanted my old reading glasses which, of course were at home.

If I forgot to take off my driving glasses, I couldn’t see to read the labels for shopping. Gradually I became more accustomed to putting my driving glasses on before leaving the garage or parking space. I became used to changing glasses once I arrived at my destination. I traveled with two pairs of glasses in my purse, one in our car.

Then we went to the camper. I ALWAYS wear sunglasses when I’m riding my scooter. Sun glasses have always restricted my vision. Now that problem intensified. Looking for a solution I thought of buying a pair of sunglasses designed for reading. I found a pair of sunglasses at home that might have worked except they didn’t have an adjustment for distance. Still searching.

My husband had a spare pair of glasses in the car that adjust for sunshine that he had stopped wearing. They were his last prescription. Since he wears his glasses all the time, they are bifocals. He planned to take them to the eye doctor and have the frames fitted with his new prescription. UNTIL I TRIED THEM AND ADOPTED THEM!

I found that his glasses are comfortable to drive in, as well as shop. Since they are tinted, they work as sunglasses also. Problem solved for the moment. As I become more accustomed to wearing bifocals while I’m driving or shopping, my next pair of glasses might be bifocals. Then I wouldn’t have the constant hunt for my glasses.

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