Random Acts of "Kindness"


I’ll admit I was tired. Okay — I was more than tired. The last place I wanted to be was shopping BUT I DIDN’T HAVE A CHOICE. We landed very early on a Saturday morning, returning from Hawaii. I hadn’t slept on the flight because I didn’t think — I had TWO glasses of cranberry apple juice — too much sugar! I had Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday to recover. Bright and early Wednesday morning we picked up a rental car to drive 900 miles to Cumby, Texas. My husband’s brother had stage four lung cancer and two of his sisters were traveling to Texas also. We only stayed two days before heading home again. I wanted to get the photo’s of the family in Texas in the mail. We were only going to be home for two more days before we were heading for the camper.

I parked in the lot so I could just drive forward, not back up. I parked at the end of the lot — hoping I would remember where I parked the car. After ordering the photos, I had a lengthy list of supplies to pick up. I had three boxes in my cart as I made my way to the parking lot. I didn’t need to worry about finding my car. It was the only one there in a huge open space, that is until I almost reached it. A white SUV pulled in directly behind my car. I couldn’t believe it! The person had more than 20 spaces to pick from. Why did he want to park behind my car?

I looked at his bumper and I looked at the rear of my car. I wondered if I would fit between the two. A young man got out of the car. He asked if I had enough room, he could back up. Then he told me he had muscles, he had been working out. He offered to unload my cart. I didn’t refuse. He offered to take my cart back to the store — I didn’t refuse. Actually I was very grateful. Not sure why I had received the help, but very glad that I had.

Tuesday — I was scanning the photos on my camera. The camera kept stopping at the pictures of my husband’s brother. Each time I tried, three times in all — the same results. I gave up!

Thursday I realized it was the anniversary of my brother’s birth. Happy Birthday brother. Did you send the help on Monday?


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