Random Acts of "Kindness"


Changing calendars, copying important notes (passwords), getting ready for 2017 — I stumbled on two things. First — I saw a lovely picture of my young mother. Sadly she passed over when I was four — I never got to know her. Relatives have told me that I’m like my mother in many ways. I’m sure some of the things I have copied were good. I never found a mother substitute either. My mother remained hidden in the background of my life until my father left me a message that he was fine — on the other side. Of course, I didn’t put one and one together to make two. My father was fine, I didn’t think about my mother or brother or others.

Before my father passed, I visited the cemetery, Queen Of Angels on Wolf Rd. Miraculous things were happening there. People were taking pictures of heaven, rosaries where turning to gold and other unexplained happenings. I visited on more than one occasion — by myself and with a friend. On one occasion my rosary turned to gold (it still is) and the scent of roses filled the air. For the longest time I couldn’t remember the name of the cemetery. I also had trouble remembering the name of the church were I went to Mass in the country. I referred to it as the church in the name of the town. When my husband and I took a trip to South Dakota — the cathedral a short block from our hotel had the same name as the church in the little town. Could I remember? NO! The names where blocked until after my father passed over. Was my mother trying to remain hidden? Now I don’t think that she is the same person as our blessed mother BUT she does share the same name — MARIA! The name in the church in the little town is Our Lady Of Perpetual Help. The cathedral in South Dakota shared the same name.

What brought this on, you may ask. When I saw her picture — I took the time to thank her for ALL the help she provides for me on a regular basis. Did it start when she passed over? I don’t know and does it matter. Sadly our world is in horrible shape. New Year — New TRADGEDIES — the body count grows. North Korea wants to develop a long range missile to target the United States. Isis continues its bloodshed. We will soon have a new president who wants to improve on our nuclear weapons as well as other things.

The second thing that brought this on is I stumbled across a thought ramble titled UNIVERESE WHISPERS. I wrote it in March of last year — a relative had recently passed over and my girls were in from out of town. I was feeling my age. I’m feeling my age TODAY. I told a friend (who is older than me) that I’m tired of feeling 90. She should have warned me.

Part of the thought ramble contained these sentences. “The universe starts with a whisper. If you don’t listen, the whisper turns into a massive holler.” Is our universe yelling? Is anybody paying attention?

Our universe needs our prayers! Hopefully there will be a world to leave to our children.


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