Random Acts of "Kindness"


Commercials on television were rather numerous on the subject of buying a new mattress, both in town and out in the country. I knew ours was ancient. In fact, we had two layers of foam helping to cover the old coils. Matters came to a head when my husband injured his hip and wasn’t able to sleep at night. A closeout ad caught my attention after I hit my head on a cabinet door. We drove out to the location of the store, only to realize that the ad was misleading. It was a bait and switch, no mention of closeout mattresses was made at the store. In the same parking lot, another mattress store was located. We wandered over to check their pricing. The woman on duty mentioned that we would save money buying from her — lower sales tax than Chicago. We learned that she had spent 5 years taking care of her aged grandfather who had dementia. He also happened to be a ham radio operator. When I teased my husband about our mattress at the camper, she knew where Woodhaven Lakes is. She grew up 30 miles from there. As a matter of fact, she still lives in that general area. Because of the expressways, it is an easy drive in to work. SMALL WORLD. We would be able to get our new mattress the next day. I KNEW that wouldn’t work. First my husband was planning to go to a ham fest the next day. Crystal knew what that was. In fact, that is how we learned about her grandfather. I KNEW that in order to switch mattresses, much work needed to be done at home.

I devoted the next two days moving some of the clutter out of our bedroom. Our room is on the second floor. Reached by going up a twisting wooden staircase. Talking to our daughter on the mountain, I realized I needed to move some stuff on the first floor also. Specifically the clothes tree and the bucket that held umbrellas. Our stairway walls are covered with family photos. I removed two of them, but the rest remained in their place. The mattress men said they would hug the railing. It was a GOOD THING I removed the clothes tree. When we removed the foam, we realized just how bad our mattress was. Thankfully it was a VERY GOOD mattress when we bought it. None of our children remembered our getting a new mattress. I didn’t look at the date on the tag. Who knows how old it was.

Thankfully we were the first delivery for the mattress guys. Thankfully they were young. I think they felt aged when they left. They did a good job. Didn’t knock any photos off the walls, nor break anything. The new mattress is MUCH HIGHER than the old one. We decided to use one of the thicker foams on top. My husband picked out the mattress. It wasn’t the firmest, but second to it. The foam and my body are a good match. I slept a whole eight hours last night. I feel like the story of the princess and the pea. My feet barely touch the floor.

This morning the men were at our house to finish our roof. Once again rain stopped their progress. In fact, the temperature is in the 50’s. The open roof cooled down the house, so much so that I found a sweater. I looked at the thermometer setting, but I couldn’t adjust it. ?? I discovered that the furnace was turned off. Thankfully no hit on the head this time. The furnace is now turned on. Soon the roof will be finished and I will start putting our house back in order. At least — some semblance of order for our house.


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